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Pisces 2023

Pisces what does 2023 hold for you?

This year is all about where you choose to invest your energy and how you can make the most of every situation. You will put a lot of thought and pre-thinking situations to work out the best strategies.

You want the best from each experience which means going through a very self-exploratory or self-expressive time of soul searching to really find how to shine in your own ability. This is important for you because Pisces, this is about taking everything in the direction that you really want.

With this beautiful new approach to life you see this as your time in which you can be more stable. This is a chance in which you can create that abundance around you so, you feel capable in creating the right energy to accomplish or do many things all at once.

So, it is a very busy year for you but, at the same token you will put lot more energy with planning you then see the results.

Home and family – you crave stability and with this you look to the most stable features or persons in your home-life. This may impact father or father figures or strong important males in your life. You could find yourself looking towards or greatly influenced by a male in your life during this period of time, especially down to your decisions.

This year is where you are building the foundations where you feel that you need to be now in your life. You may see this as emotionally looking at what you once questioned or had uncertainty to making those decisions or gaining results now, more accurately.

The “Moon” is a children's card, which can connect aspects of your thinking with childhood. You determine that which influences how you feel, think, express and understand yourself. What is it that subconsciously or consciously is needed to be identified.

You may focus on children, family, new additions to the home – whatever you may feel your patience to acquire heightens now giving you the chance to take the pressure off yourself.

Career, goals and aspirations – this year promotes finding balance and harmony in your achievements. You may spend time looking over areas or matters which are not working the best for your career path. Now you look at every opportunity to get motivated and moving.

You take this opportunity to hone in on a particular skill set or talent which will give you the ability to stand out and shine. This card “the Magician” represents specialty or specialist which gives you every opportunity through yourself or others to excel.

You stand out and above the rest leaning towards being head hunted for a role or gaining offers for better positions or pay rate. It could be entirely up to you to find the path – re-entering study, or advancing learning or training. All of which gives you the chance to shine more brightly but also to develop some very marketable skills in the near future.

Finances - The “Eight of Pentacles” is beautiful and influences following what you know is accomplishable and worthy financially. It is money working for you, money you earn through your skills and abilities or talents and investing into you yourself.

You have a chance in which to return to or finish off something that you have thought about for some time. Now you not only have the resources, time and energy but you have the money to spend.

Now, see this as your energy and time in which to gain your focus to look at where you feel that you need to be. This could happen as soon as January and February, although it is showing this summer as important months around financial areas. So that's something to look out for as it indicates that the best of those financial decisions could manifest into big goals and financial success.  

Health and well-being -firstly don’t overthink matters or give into indecisive mode. Pisceans are good at pulling in two different directions at once. You can often procrastinate or emotionally be very torn between what you need and what your head believes. So, this is a time to overcome indecision and to be more focused to gain the best results for yourself.

This year  the “Seven of Wands” in Reverse which influences the seventh house of Libra. The house of Libra rules in and around the skin, blood work, kidneys, bladder and so forth. But, also rules the relationship that we have with ourself, and how you relate to others , your expectations of others or their expectations of you.

Therefore a big emphasis on this year will be on how to create ,more time for your own betterment and well-being. You will focus on how you view past, present and somewhat future parts of your self with that which is now importantly influencing your present life choices.

Relationships - this year is about manifesting and the art of attraction. You have the ability to attract what you want when it comes to love and personal relationships. This is about great sexual energy (the "Devil" in tarot) so, if you are single and looking or in a strong relationship this is good.

You see this is a time of really working through what emotionally you feel is more satisfactory giving greater freedom to have beautiful choices around your relationships / friendship areas. Especially, if you are single and looking.

Now, if you are in a stable and a committed relationship. you may be in two minds at this moment. This could be that this is one of those years where you are looking to what do we do next? Where is my contentment? and what can I add to this relationship or next level of experience?

Now sometimes this is decisions about adding to the family or adding something more to the relationship. The "the Empress" represents a home, maternal areas, and it can also mean that you are not going to waste any more time and energy. Instead you are going to find manageable and workable solutions as you create that more stability in what give you the happiness you seek.



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