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Playing Card Cartomancy - Learn To Read Them

I want to share the art of reading playing cards. This is an amazingly simple way in which to interpret or work with an everyday deck of 52 playing cards. Now you may wish to just use my meanings as a guide or make your own.

The art of divination through cartomancy is unlimited.

You may notice many different interpretations or systems which have been used over the centuries. Some systems and meanings are extremely traditional and other more modern interpretations.

However, there is a common thread of meanings which tend to flow through the suits which, can be why reading or working with playing cards can be such a personal interpretation. You learn to build a relationship with familiar patterns to include timing, events, and clarity all of which can derive from each card.

I personally feel when you create your own meanings - you create your path of attachment. The energy heightened from your conscious mind identifying with that shown and the relationship or story unfolds more fluently


Firstly you can choose to keep the joker in as a wild card. This could be a card you may give meaning to for example as “the unknown” “leave it to fate” or even where ever the joker turns up you are given a clue to where you may need to keep your energy focused for a while. It‘s entirely up to you.

The Jack, Queen and KIng can be used to identify a person or a situation. Ie Queen of Hearts - may come up in a question pertaining to a mother - or may invite a suggestion that there is a need to nurture a situation or matter more.


Ace - Matters to do with home or emotional commitments

Two- Partnerships or communication

Three- Celebrations, family or fertility (children)

Four - Unsatisfactory or disappointment

Five - Past happenings - someone returning

Six - Rekindling or reconnecting

Seven - Contemplating decisions or options

Eight - Trust you will make right moves

Nine - Taking time to manifest (long term, at a later date)

Ten - Commitments around home and matters of the heart

Jack - Young person who is dreamy - opportunities presenting, ideas happening

Queen- Woman who focuses on nurturing - Mother personality

King- Emotional Man - Excessive tendencies over ruling common sense


Ace - Abundance in all areas

Two - Sorting out money or areas of property

Three - Education, training and investment

Four - Talking and discussion on money, career or business

Five - Financial stress / career problems / working with others

Six - Settlements, agreements, retaining help

Seven- Education, study, property or living/working in country

Eight - Promotion, new job or obtaining increase money

Nine - Success in material matters

Ten - Business, (home business) investment or securing resources

Jack - Young person who is visionary - photography, graphics, future projects

Queen - Woman who career minded - Supporting better changes ahead

King - Business man, dealings with financial professionals


Ace - Negotiating, taking the lead

Two - Indecision - nothing is clear

Three - Conflicts, arguments and unsettling

Four - Focus on betterment and health

Five - Frustrations, re-evaluating situations

Six - Changes bring improvement in the near future

Seven - Seeking advice, professional services

Eight - Unable to move forward at this time

Nine - Nothing appears as it seems

Ten - Legal agreements , papers or documents

Jack - Young person wise beyond years - Use better judgement

Queen - Woman who is straight talker - Take a logical approach

King - Man in uniform - dealings with someone important


Ace - New opportunities, a change for the better

Two - Sorting out living and lifestyle - travel between places

Three - Opportunities arrive - nothing is lost

Four - Practical steps, manual work (hands on)

Five - Perseverance gives answers or results

Six - Fortunate outcomes or news

Seven - Prioritising, first things first

Eight - Motivation, moving, travel

Nine - Support and backing what you believe

Ten - Pressure, needing matters to be more responsive

Jack - Young person who is creative, artistic - Activity around news

Queen - Woman is in control - Initiate plans, take control

King - Man who is a good communicator - Negotiations, deals and advice.

As you work with the cards - you may find you see strong timelines appear or even create a deeper meaning through your chosen method.

Happy exploring with testing a few readings with the good old playing cards! Let me know how you worked with your deck.

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