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Breaking Free: The Power of Releasing and Reclaiming Yourself

Don't waste your time or energy on individuals or situations that do not encourage positive reinforcement in your life. We are often caught up in striving to be accepted by others through how we present ourselves, what we say or do.

When nothing changes or the individual involved continues to dim your light, we become the fixers, the appeasers, and, before long, the one who is frequently blamed or discarded in some way. Your self-esteem suffers as you try to figure out why you?

Our natural desire to belong might initiate a purposeful loop of supporting a cause so to speak. It impacts us all in some manner, whether it's the keep the peace at all costs or the too sympathetic demeanour.

The aftermath frequently leaves us feeling unimportant, used, or significantly challenged. You may even begin to wonder if you could have done more or if you should even keep trying.

The rejection is your invitation to sever the cord, halt the pattern, and reclaim your power.

However, your light is still flickering and will return to full brightness. You may have had to take a long, hard look at what is being presented to you and admit that these are not your problems to solve. Perhaps it is something far beyond you - perhaps that person or scenario has another level of awareness that has yet to be exposed.

When you are coming from such a wonderful heart space, it is easy to feel rejected or disregarded. However, not everyone thinks, interprets, or experiences things in the same way that you do.

Your innate empathic energy feels everything and understands what it's like to be there. You are observing something that that person or scenario may be missing from a far higher level of understanding.

You may ask yourself "How do you withdraw without getting upset or even offended by the degree of treatment you received, or without feeling wounded by the acts or consequences of what has occurred?"

You may be wondering why you were shown this scenario and what lesson it had for you. Because, as we all know, nothing happens without a reason, whether it's for growth, healing, or greater consciousness.

Your involvement in this has given you more than you think - perhaps it's about not taking responsibility for other people's decisions or actions. Perhaps it's to remind you to stay in your lane! Be more conscious of your boundaries. It is acceptable to assist, offer guidance, or provide support.

It is acceptable to guard your own space with what nurtures you. It is acceptable to be present for others and to offer proactive assistance when it is also mutually acknowledged, honoured, and balanced.

But it is also becoming aware when you are giving away so much of your power to what is an abyss of energy that is depleting or sucking your energy dry. The rejection is your invitation to sever the cord, halt the pattern, and reclaim your empowerment.

Love yourself enough to take a step back, both metaphorically and literally, to redirect your energies. Allow yourself to be present in your path and to be attentive to what you encounter, which demands greater awareness and will assist you in honouring specific strengths while learning self-control and knowing your boundaries.

Be who you are and own it - it's okay to speak up and trust that you can separate yourself from situations that sap your energy while remaining true to your authentic self. Yay you........


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