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Sagittarius 2021 Tarotscopes

SIX OF WANDS reversed

This year will test your ability to work through areas of imbalance. You may see this arrive through aspects of giving too much and receiving too little or through feeling the impossible it just that impossible. So, deep in the subconscious you may be overly sensitive to what life may through at you. Yet, in the reality you may actually be the one struggling to find a confidence in who you are.

The chance to right the wrongs or find solutions will arrive as early as March 2021 however, may take you until the very last weeks of November 2021 to master. This will be one heck of a ride but never lose faith in who you are and that which you have accomplished along the way.


This year you may find yourself pushed to many limits possibly due to over obligation and little time to schedule yourself in a more organised way. The frustration may mount in the middle of the year around July and August 2021 but it appears you will spend much time and energy between places or sorting out the home and family throughout the whole year.

You could see this as a restructure, accomodating to figure changes or preparing and planning. Family matters may suggest that you are busy organising or supporting others that you have little time to support your own home. Therefore, petty frustrations will arise out of feeling a pull in many directions and over loaded with responsibilities which may not be of your making.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will focus on open new chapters. You may finally see a way clear to break a cycle or habit - one that is not healthy or wholesome. This will include removing negative people, bad work habits or over obligating yourself and over doing it.

This may come as soon as January 2021 however, the year is ripe with change and therefore doors will close and others will open throughout the whole of 2021 depending on what is happening in other aspects of your life at the time.

You will begin to see ways in which to enrich your career or personal goals by removing that which limits or restricts you from enjoying that which you once felt passionate to achieve. You may even find that spark again through new ventures and new opportunities which bring beneficial changes in which to embrace throughout this time.


Monetary matters show promise as you form some important financial agreements. The chance to earn more or increase your income could manifest through business and career matters however not limited to such. You thrive on money working for you therefore investments, savings and hard work bring dividends and results.

The auspicious vibrations enable you to succeed in areas that not only increase your material wealth but support your future plans and money goals for the next 8 years. So this is no little splash in the pan when it comes to making money or gaining the resources in which to be financially comfortable throughout 2021 and beyond.


This year is very much influenced by that which you may feel others expect from you or you believe is what others like about you. There will be many levels of advice and everyone will have an opinion on what works best. However, at the end of the day only you know what can and will work best for you.

You may feel sensitive to people pleasing and holding back on your own thoughts or opinions in fear of hurting the feelings of others. Yet, a part of you may worry others may not like, accept you for who you truly are. So your confidence may take a dent or two in the process of finding yourself amongst all the labels you live under.

The most sensitive times may arise around May and June 2021 and around this period of time you may find additional stress or problems with arms, hands, shoulders and base of neck. The more tension you hold the greater the health may suffer.


Relationships and personal connections will shine through skills and talents. You will have the right knack to create the atmosphere in which to attract good connections with others. This may highlight more so around your professional or interpersonal relationships such as friendships or associates. But, regardless your energy will touch many people in many ways.

April through to May 2021 and September the to October 2021 could be where a touch of magic happens giving way to whirlwind of introductions and connections. For some this may be the perfect meeting of hearts and minds whilst others may source this time as gaining advice or looking for certain services in which to make next level commitments.

This year your persona life has a chance to grow with positive and progressive changes as you break with tradition and find your true inner happiness in the interim.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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