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Scorpio 2021 Tarotscopes

What does 2021 hold for Scorpio


This year will focus on retaining some type of control of balance.You may feel at times a pinch of resistance as you try and work through that which may be creating some emotional conflict versing that which internally you realise is part of your deep subconscious thoughts rather than reality.

You may find that you scrutinise everything and everyone to be perfectly sure that everything is in order. This will be a strong and personal year where you may need to work tirelessly on building your confidence and self esteem. However, before you give into that which appears to be a lot of hard work remember, you have the initiative to create the necessary changes in which to follow your better judgement towards success.


This year you will focus much of your energy on home and property. This could include building, renovating or designing the perfect space. You have much you wish to experience and this could bring you to focus on setting down roots or literally designing the most amazing garden in which to view and relax.

June through to December 2021 gives you the encouragement to look outside your current concerns and see the potential of that which you will invest much of your next level of happiness in make happen. In this process you may learn much about yourself including those who share your home.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will be a bit of a surprise packet. You may find the more flexible you are the better this will be however, the test will come when you recognise that much you planned may not be as easily implemented especially between January and May 2021.

The change in your career or personal goals may come through your own internal questioning whether you can sustain that which has driven you this far or whether you are ready to change direction. For some you may surprise yourself at your choices whilst others may have no choice and the surprise may be it just happens out of your control.

Much of your energy could be spent on worrying about others or how others may perceive you or whether you are liked or thought in a positive light. As the energy of this year around career and personal goals is such a mixed bag. You may have difficulty feeling what choices best fit or enable you to shine at your best.


Money and finances will prosper much better later in the year especially around October and November 2021. However you will find many moments of considering the right deals or alliances in which to create the financial stability you need.

There is a strong connection to male who may be important in a majority of your financial considerations. This person may be someone you help or rely upon - perhaps a partner or family member. It could be said, this person is instrumental in some of the major financial decisions you will make.

Expect agreements, contracts and other legal commitments to bring you a chance to find a happy balance in your financial areas especially if you are co signing or applying for loans, investment or scholarships. All these appear to be fruitful and beneficial to strengthening your money matters.


This year your Achilles will be stress. The more you stress the more you will see problems manifest in areas of career, home and personal life. You will feel the pressure to support and create a safe place for others as well. However in your empathetic mind set you could take on the energy of others and create a few additional anxieties not of your own making.

This influence will govern your year so there will be no particular months that produce more stress than others. You may need to bite the bullet and take to some self preservation “time out”. You may feel conflicted in doing so however without a conscious plan to be kind to you - your stress will create many underlining arguments or internal battles if not careful.


Relationships and personal connections will predominately focus around males. Now, this may come as a bit of surprise as you however, males will be the significant influence in your thinking, your commitments and your need for structure or stability.

Given that the emperor represents father figures - those in positions of importance - this could very well revolve around a father, partner, male child, brother etc. You could see the level of support important or part of the reason behind plans indicated throughout March and April 2021.

For some this may bring up important matters connected to a parent or parenthood and for others you may take the step towards long term goals and commitments in which to support your relationship and personal goals especially around March 2021 through to October 2021.

This year may send you many new experiences and opportunities in which to explore your personal relationship in a deeper more serious way. You crave structure with a view to enjoying that which you will invest into personal happiness and those who matter.

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