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September 2020 - What Does It Bring?

It appears that the energy of September brings a level of contemplation on that which is to be and that which no longer serves a true purpose. The energy of this month encourages change, possibilities and finalities.

As you delve deeper into the areas of life which, require tidying up and resolving. You may just find a new approach to old issues manifests a positive insight in which, to embrace a healthier approach to your goals, self awareness and ambitions.

Of course, in a month of endings you will scrutinise all aspects of that in which you interact and place importance. This includes, friendships, family, relationships - which all may under go a few transitions possibly a deep sense of letting go of that which no longer is necessary to hang onto.

Some may see this as finalising a divorce, leaving an old problematic issue or commencing plans to make a new level of commitments which give more personal satisfaction. Of course, this may include getting engaged, married or preparing to leave life as you know it to commence a new chapter.

If you have struggled with wonderment in career - do I strike out on my own, change my ambitions or look at other opportunities. Then you may consider this the perfect month to retire, change fields or become more independent as you crave to be your new experiences to transform the old ones.

Financially, you are busy tidying up accounts, settling outstanding financial matters and working on more security through such decisions. An old income or source my dry up or come to a close enabling you to be open to a better financial source or resources.

So, as you can see as one door closes another appears to be ready to open. This is also included in your health and betterment. As, you are more conscious of that which, you know needs to happen for you to find your purpose and fulfilment. You could see this month as a mental tranformation, awakening your consciousness and following the promptings in which to explore, delve and feed your desire for change.

This may appear through lifting, shifting or changing preconceived ideas, challenging yourself to remove old habits and work on the internal energy system of wholesome life experiences. This may include your diet, foods which bring a wholesome mind. You are eliminating that which is toxic or depleting (In all areas of your life) and replacing it with a new found sense of well being.

You are getting out of your comfort zones and finding life appearing in many new ways. It may have taken you a while to come to this realisation but, this month supports the acknowledging its is your time to make that step towards change.

The lesson or challenge is learning to let go of emotional pains or dramas, past hurts, resentments which, that no longer serve a purpose for your highest good during this life experience. Because of the intensity of such a lesson, you may need more compassion and endurance and sheer perseverance. However, the wisdom it may impart could mean it may not be an easy transition at first to uphold.

As I have said, #September2020 is bringing forth a vibration of endings and beginnings which, enables you to better understand the complexities for the need for change to occur. You may encounter this throughout this period with experiencing hardship in relationships, material security and or personal expectations which may fall short. It is only when you surrender to change that the life experiences will recreate a new path of total and complete renewal in that which, is designed to be more enriching and abundant to your life.

If you would like to delve into your individual influences and what this month holds through my September #Tarotscopes - visit -

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