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Taurus 2021 Tarotscopes


This year will focus on personal security, finances and removing that which is limiting or holding you back from reaching your full potential. You may see this as a time of reflection as you work on areas of finding your confidence in your home and family and personal identity.

You will see January 2021 opens the door to working on way to eliminate stress, open a more productive time with mending bridges or possibly embracing change in your life that will enable you to be your own individual person rather than feel judged by what you have or those you surround yourself.

Your priorities will change and with this you will find a psychological even a spiritual balance to show you how to remove any negative assumptions and replace these with a positive influence in which to begin a time of personal transformation.


The home and family is important and with December 2019 through to February 2021 the aspects of “family” will become more significant. You place a strong emphasis on finding comfort which may manifest through family, friends or children. This will help you to better realise how much you really are appreciated or liked/loved by those who matter.

You may see this as a time of opening up advantageous discussion or implementing plans that may involve time spent with family. Especially through January to July 2021 and again around December 2021 through to February 2022. This may also include discussion on commitments which may revolve around accomodating more for family and changes in your home. Some of which could include adding to the family, having a family member reside with you or you making changes in and around your home to accomodate family members.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will leave you open to the opinions of others and that which will influence much of your decisions formed by others especially, around May and June 2021. You could see yourself up for a special consideration or position based entirely on what others may say, feel or know about your skills and talents.

You are highly conscious of what others expect and therefore could anticipate taking action before hand to ensure you are not overlooked. March through to August 2021 give you the chance to show your strengths and lead the way if you are willing to take the reins.

So, stand by your ability to make decisions based on what you know to be best for you. The only stress around this may facilitate around your ability to not become a yes person. You may easily fall into people pleasing rather than taking the lead on your own merit if not careful.


Money may be the crux of stress and the ultimate downfall in personal arguments. You could see pressure placed on incomes, spending or loans which impact yourself and others. Therefore, you will need to work hard to restore the balance and fix any outstanding financial issues before matters get too far out of hand.

As this influence governs the whole of 2021 you will find you have a chance to get on top of matters between March and May and again from September through to November 2021. However, in the interim you could experience losses or changes in income until matters return to normal.

This may indicate a source of income becomes redundant, dries up or no longer exists or pressure from external circumstances may push you to spend money you have not anticipated. You will need to find a way to replace funding and to do so you may be required to make adjustments to your living and lifestyle to match the circumstances affected.


You are determined to work on areas which strengthen your mind, body and emotional betterment. This will give you the support in which to find resolutions or solutions to any health matters. As you have a strong subconscious knowing, your intuitive energy could direct you towards areas you know deep within need psychological attention.

You have the mind set to break old habits, change cycles and create a strong constitution. You may see this as a chance to remove unhealthy habits, people or environments which influence your daily mood. Some of which may come out of necessity rather than choice at first.

This may bring attention to hormones, attitude, physical exercise or strengthening your body through corrected diet. Opening a new attitude especially between February 2021 and October 2021 will give you the freedom to grow and find a harmonious balance in reaching a sense of betterment for the future.


Relationships and personal interactions will all thrive on adjustment. This entails giving priority to developing better friendships, forming amicable bonds and letting go of past problematic dramas. Throughout this year you will be given a chance to see other peoples points of view, expectations and how you intimately connect with your partner or love bonds.

You will see a new understanding developing through your interactions. This could show a softer more understanding or compassionate side emerging. One in which others admire and adore and you benefit in revealing.

This year enables you to find a certain level of comfort that brings about a wholesome change to relationship building. A year that will give many opportunities to adapt to changes in your personal life which will bring encouraging emotional commitments to benefit your confidence and allow the new you to shine through.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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