Taurus 2022 Yearly Tarotscopes

As you walk into 2022 you will discover how this year brings an enormous change that helps give you time to reevaluate your life goals. The energy spent focusing on commitments surrounding the home and family and possibly concerning education or advancing skills or career changes.

You see this as a time in which to be able to reassess that which, gives you a chance to become more solid or stable especially around that which gives you a direct advantage. This greatly concerns career, financial decision making, and acquiring support you need especially, within the first three to seven months of 2022

A special highlight arrives through a favourable time that opens around your ambitions and goals. This in itself will give you a chance in which to be able to restructure exactly where you feel a stronger purpose in supporting not just your professional life but contemplating perhaps returning to school or pursuing higher education. You desire a chance to grow and expand your capabilities to achieve much more

Although a little patience may be the key to getting you through the first three months. You do see this as a significant time of change. These changes will affect the way the home and family life, career and financial opportunities. You will be determined to better your current circumstances so as to thrive in the future as a result of the effort made now.

Expect March and April 2022 along with July and November 2022 being key months in which great change or that which will influence change will manifest mostly.

Home and Family

This year the focus is on gaining the right support and better schedules or routines in which to feel that you can focus more on the stability of the home and family dynamics.

You seek workable solutions and therefore may employ professional advice, services or even resources that enable you to secure deals and agreements. This enables you a chance in which to better work from home, gain support and services to provide a better living lifestyle or hire individuals to maintain and upkeep all aspects of the home.

You see this is your chance in which to be able to look forward to enjoying more freedom by instilling good systems and routines to help with everyday obligations.

Watch out for March and April 2022 which could strongly influence or weigh more heavily on the financial budget . You could see this arise through snap sales, purchases or even investments around large material items.

You feel the new year inspires you to look more closely at prioritising and learning to be more savvy and flexible. This encourages relieving areas in your life where you may experience one had the feeling of being stuck or at the mercy of financial situations beyond your control. Now you are forearmed and aware of just what is available and how now you can take advantage of acquiring the financial means and opportunity in which to get ahead.

This year helps to focus on areas in which keep you motivated enabling a way to separate your living and your work areas in a way in which you feel that you can spend more time confidently in your space without feeling overwhelmed by external distractions. This may be more aimed towards those who have spent a considerable amount of time working from home out of necessity in the past couple of years.

Career and Goals

This year enables you to look at different ways in which to make changes for the long term. You may decide this is the perfect time to undertake a separate career path or take on a new career ambition giving you the opportunity to step into a role that takes you outside of your usual working roles.

As you thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge a chance in which to enrol or undertake further study or training for a new position or placement gives you the boost and directly places you securely in a new career path. This influence can also support areas connected to opening or expanding a business or emphasising more time to enjoy hobbies interests.

The greatest influence happens within the very first two weeks of 2022. However, this influence will cover the whole year. Therefore, as discussed you may find a need for more assistance or help to be able to maintain your personal life whilst you dedicate larger energy towards your professional lifestyle or goals.

The year is not all work and no play - you could be the recipient of a fortunate offer around long-distance travel ( overseas, abroad or interstate) especially between the times of March, April and May, September, October and November 2022. This may well be a perk or benefit coming from a career choice or change.

This year enables you to re-evaluate your goals and current pathway to find ways in which to manifest more stable and beneficial foundations in which to achieve that which you have within your sights and reach throughout 2022


This year will bring good money but also some very hefty expenses. You could see this as a year of making financial decisions on the spur of the moment or striking while the iron is hot.

You may find interest rates or financial institutions a little bit more difficult to deal around especially at this time. Whatever this may be it could connect to feeling that there is a sense of having to let go of something which is draining you financially as you may not be able to put energy into rectifying your financial situation by hanging on.

As this is a time of sudden change and unpredictability it does not mean that you will be left penniless. But, you may need to make choices wisely to accommodate for financial outlays or unexpected financial challenges especially in the first four months of 2022. Although March April and May 2022 bring very strong changes around financial markets, therefore, you may see this as a time of finding resourceful solutions to your monetary goals.

Not all lopsided or bad news around money matters as you begin to see benefits coming back into the home through resourceful decision-making and acquired services or support. For some this may mean that you are hiring somebody to take care of domestic areas and therefore this is giving you more opportunity to focus on financially making more money.

Health and Wellbeing

This year will focus on areas connected to psychological responses, thinking and subconscious thinking. You may find yourself looking at logical steps in which to keep a healthier happier environment for yourself and your family.

You work towards building confidence in your life choices and supporting those who may need additional reinforcement to be or feel confident. You may see this connected to gaining advice or even utilising services in which to be able to feel there is support and professional direction or guidance. This may include once again psychological thinking therefore a professional or support system may happen through seeing or working with a therapist or a psychologist or even a mentor or life coach of sorts

March and April could show sensitivities or issues concerning the throat, neck possibly the thyroid. This could arise with a small issue with the communication such a speech or verbal skills. Whereas September and October 2022 focus more on the psychological blocks around what could be affecting areas to do with thinking, processing and the ability to move forward and over what can sometimes feel like a self-sabotaging cycle.

July highlights looking more closely at the diet and that which you or your family put into the body. This can be a highly sensitive time in which the environment around the home or workplace affects mood or mental stability.

This is the year to focus on creating better choices or aligning ways in which to be able to stay clear and healthier. You will do this by releasing that which the body, the mind, the spirit and the emotional well-being no longer need or want.


This year brings the chance in which to broaden not only your personal relationship experiences but also your professional ones. You see this as a time in which to be able to open new and invigorating connections which motivate you to be more social and proactive in connecting to people and groups.

Expect new people and experiences to happen through indirect invitations or even spontaneous trips. You could find yourself opening to spontaneous excitement especially between the times of March and September 2022.

For those that are single and looking for love - this year enables you to close the chapter in an area of life that has held you back from that which you desire to be happy. Love may blossom through a perfect stranger who becomes a significant factor in your romantic affairs. This is your chance to let go of that which no longer is promoting a positive time and allow yourself to open to opportunities around matters of the heart that will and can flourish throughout 2022

For those in stable or committed relationships - this year enables you to focus more on the home and family dynamics. You may see this around areas connected to families such as children or siblings. This gives you a very strong chance in which to be able to support your relationship and bring encouragement through family matters or planning connected to expanding or encouraging new goals personally - especially between the times of December 2021, February 2022, June 2022 through to August 2022 and again December 2022 through to February 2023

The more spontaneity the greater the personal experience will become as love and personal relationships move into a time of personal growth and positive changes.