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The Scorpio New Moon Highlights Emotional Intensity and Deepest Desires

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

On November 13th, 2023, brings the new moon to Scorpio. You have significant and serious emotional demands, and you are quite passionate about meeting those needs.

While the new moon is in Scorpio, it seeks out extremely dramatic and transformative experiences. You'll spend a lot of effort pinpointing the source of your discontent, producing constructive ways to express your emotions, or bringing about the changes required for growth.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your eighth house, which is responsible for transformation, intimacy, and other people's money and possessions. The new moon enhances your awareness of the value of shared resources and supports the development of an enlightened approach towards managing common assets and legacies.

You might establish strong emotional bonds with your partner and take pleasure in intimacy and togetherness. Scorpio's transformative new moon energy encourages self-reliance and a deeper sense of purpose, so you will be prepared to face the challenges that life brings.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in your seventh house, which is related to relationships, agreements, and commitments. The new moon encourages you to strive for an intimate connection along with solid intentions in your relationships and commitments.

As you yearn for peace, balance, and close relationships, and the influence of the Scorpio new moon heightens these aspirations. Therefore, your romantic and professional connections with others will undergo significant transformations, as you desire a deep need for constancy and dedication.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your sixth house, which is related to wellbeing, routines, and working relationships. The new moon brings about desires for excellence, well-being, and dedication.  You have a powerful sense of determination and passion regarding your health, what you do or your activities when it comes to your working relationships.

You understand that making the transformations or changes will require a lot of work to accomplish. So, the new moon in Scorpio gives you a great chance to realize your goals while using healthy problem-solving to assess circumstances and spot any gaps.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your fifth house, which is associated with children, creativity, and passion. The new moon creates a strong appeal and a wide spectrum of emotions for your creative endeavors. You have the power to penetrate right down to the core of any issue and inspire transformational ingenuity.

Since you will be able to express yourself more honestly as a result, you will have a positive impact on other people. The new moon in Scorpio will enhance your family relationships and personal life by fostering a deeper level of connection and a more intense outpouring of feelings.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in the fourth house, which represents the home, family, and mother. The new moon enables you to fully comprehend the circumstances around your own childhood and the consequences on your current views on home and family, allowing you to delve deeply into your thoughts and feelings.

You recognize your emotions and attachment to your loved ones and your environment at home, which can be overpowering. The new moon in Scorpio alerts you to any issues, power struggles within the family, or a propensity for strong emotions, providing an opportunity to make transformational changes to better your personal development and self-awareness.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in your third house, which governs siblings, correspondence, and technology. The new moon has a potent and profoundly altering influence over your way of thinking, outlook on life, and sharpness to delve into challenging subjects. You'll put more effort into altering your communication style and seeking answers to problems with forming better communication with siblings, peers, or your social circle.

The new moon in Scorpio alerts you to any issues, such as a tendency for secrecy or power struggles in interpersonal interactions. This will assist in your pursuit of understanding, exploration of innovative ideas, and development of interpersonal ties within your immediate social area. 


The Scorpio new moon falls in your second house of income, self-worth, and physical possessions. The new moon heightens your desire for riches, belongings, and personal ideals. You will have a powerful desire for financial security, and you will be prepared to take tremendous measures to have it.

The Scorpio new moon encourages you to be transformative, innovative, and persistent rather than obsessive and controlling over accumulating wealth. You will think of innovative ways to overcome obstacles and improve your financial situation without taking unwarranted risks or jeopardizing your job or income.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your first house of physicality, self-expression, and self-image. A strong and transformative force that shapes your personality and experiences in life is brought on by the new moon. You are devoted to self-discovery with a daring commitment and unyielding conviction.

The new moon in Scorpio will help you to understand how your passion can lead to resentment, angry feelings, and a lack of faith in other people. You may come to the realization that to keep your individuality while setting acceptable boundaries, you need to alter or focus your efforts in a more constructive way.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in your twelfth house, which governs dreams, intuition, and secrets. The new moon reveals a profound mental and emotional depth with a propensity for deep spiritual questioning, great contemplation, and an acute connection to the mystical and spiritual realms.

This new moon in Scorpio connects the subconscious and conscious thinking, creating the ideal environment for introspection, healing, and enlightenment. You will study topics like loneliness, unresolved karma, and self-discovery, particularly unconscious thought patterns that can result in profound change and development.


The Scorpio new moon falls in your eleventh house of relationships, groups, and interests. You frequently seek out close bonds with your peers that can shape who you become. You want loyal, trustworthy companions that respect your energy and quest for personal growth.

The Scorpio new moon supports your efforts to address the parts of your life where you lack confidence or act possessively or strongly towards your friendships. You recognize the necessity for cooperation and the uniqueness of each person, you may find transformative adjustments to help you to overcome the social dynamics or problems like a sense of ownership, monopolizing friendships, or social challenges.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in your tenth house of ambitions, career, and public image. The New Moon heightens aspects of your professional life and public persona, giving you the chance to refocus your attention on your objectives, successes, and reputation.

As you endeavor to further your personal and professional development, the new moon in Scorpio heralds the potential for big job adjustments or changes in your professional connections.


The Scorpio new moon occurs in your ninth house, which is responsible for travel, higher learning, and beliefs. You crave interactions that will change your life as you seek ways to pursue a greater depth and intensity through your intellectual and spiritual travels. You have a great desire to learn new things and develop personally, and you are receptive to new experiences.

You are encouraged to seek out greater comprehension, wisdom, and truth during the Scorpio new moon. The new moon heightens your consciousness, which might inspire you to look for spiritual development and enlightenment.


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