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The Weekly Tarotscopes - 20th - 26th December 2020

with Carolyn Clairvoyant

Aries - KING OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on indulgent behaviours and over doing it. This may manifest through over thinking, over spending or even areas that place pressure on your betterment. You may struggle to find that happy medium between routine and relaxing. Aries you may need to find a way to steps back and allow your energy to come back into alignment or find a sense of “normality” amongst that which is creating such a hectic energy


This week focuses on some tears and upsets, tantrums and unsettling before you find the right solution to bring everything back into order. You could find this has much to do with attitudes or circumstances that may be happening in and around you. However Taurus you do have the ability to clear the air and rethink on how best to make the matters more stable for all concerned.



This week focuses on important matters concerning your faith, what you believe to be wholesome or even a particular divine intervention that may hep you realise there is much more to this universal world after all. As the hierophant is often associated with religion, ceremony and faith Gemini, you may see your faith restored in a very unique experience.


Cancer - KNIGHT OF SWORDS reversed

This week focuses on allowing yourself a chance to form your own opinions or thoughts on matters. This may feel a little difficult considering many will have a say or influence that which you may feel strongly about. However Cancer, you will only find yourself in a muddle if you dont listen to your better judgement when it comes to a matter that is directly concerning yourself. Take the time to follow through or up on that which you know is important to you.


This week focuses on opportunities which present giving you the greatest chance to move outside of your usual routines. This may be important if you are looking forward to travelling or taking a particular journey as well. The excitement of the week entices you to try new things and meet new people all of which Leo, gives you a chance to feel proactive about your day to day plans and and goals.


This week focuses on the family home, finances and future prospective plans. You appear to have a need for connecting with those whom are important to your happiness and give you a sense of connection. So with this all said and done, you may have grand plans around the making changes that involve the home, family or next level of goals to bring more stability into your life. Virgo you will give abundantly and receive just as openly with the energy of this week.


Libra - THE EMPEROR reversed


This week focuses on waiting for answers and placing plans at the last minute. You may have a mixed bag when it comes to organising your schedules, family or or goals. Everything appears last minute or up in the air. However, Libra you do have a knack of making the best from situations and therefore you may plan the alternative just in case.


Scorpio - THE TEMPERANCE reversed


This week focuses on what could be a testy time and much more pressure than you realised. You will be tested with patience, time and may even question if you can cope with everything expected. You may need to find some quiet time Scorpio to recharge your batteries and possibly find some “me time” to reassess your next level of plans. Relax it will all work out much better given a little time.

Sagittarius - THE FOOL reversed

This week focuses on that which you will observe and be well aware of transpiring. You may feel a fight pang of uncertainty or questioning those around you. This over cautious energy could affect your spending, travel or family time as you weigh up what changes may need to happen or be in place at any given time. Sagittarius your senses are heightened and you are paying attention.

Capricorn - SEVEN OF SWORDS reversed

This week focuses on advice and direction through professionals or career. You may see this as a time of gaining much deeper insight or seeking the right resources in which to make prospective decisions for the future, Capricorn as you will find yourself in all levels of connection - expect this to be also surrounding medical and other levels of services which will be of importance.

Aquarius - NINE OF CUPS


This week focuses on long term goals however more importantly the people who are essential in your life such as parents or older family members. You could see this as a time of respect, support or giving thanks to those whom have had an essential role in some of the traditions you follow or embrace. Aquarius you could see a wish granted or a strong opportunity to gain an important outcome you have wished to manifest.

Pisces - THE TOWER

This week focuses on unpredictability and challenges which may take you from one extreme to the other. You could see tempers frayed or plans changed. This may place you in a position in which you feel everything is needing to be rebuilt or restructured or even returned to some normality. Pisces its not an easy week and this may test your ability to find a positive amongst all the surprise twists and turns.

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