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This Weeks Tarotscopes

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

27th of December - 2nd of January 2021

Aries - THE STAR

This week focuses on areas which will restore your faith in that which you believe to be important and Wolseley in your life. You may treasure friendships, find solace in supporting others or possibly find a lucky outcome to a matter which has stifled your energy for one time. Aries you may see this as a bitter sweet outcome. Gaining what you want only after a major time struggle or tough lesson in the interim.

Taurus - THE CHARIOT reversed

This week focuses on lack of motivation and difficulty in finding straight answers. You may see this as a time of not solving situations head on or avoiding matters all together. However it could be that you view everything is just too difficult or hard - so why push it right now. Taurus this week may signal long delays and seriously part of you may not really give a hoot!.

Gemini - THE DEVIL


This week focuses on attracting that which you feel a great need to have. This may come as attention, surrounding yourself with people or focusing on the home, contracts and agreements with a desire to gain more abundant delays or material support. Gemini it appears you may closely associate yourself with desiring the type of attention that draws people to want to like you more.



This week focuses on reassessing your goals, finances and plans. You see this as a chance to slow down and take stock of that which you have and that which you wish to acquire. As money may be the link it could also be the thorn in your side. Cancer you will have a slow time of accumulating the right energy and direction until your finances or incomes pick up. You may need to take time out to recover or slow down until a more favourable time.


This week focuses on lessons and experiences in which you may find yourself reflecting upon. Life appears to be opening your mind to explore further, deeper or externally to seek the answers you require. Some may choose to read a book and others may contemplate education or courses. Leo what you plan today sows the seed for the future - plant carefully.


This week focuses on family, celebrations, children and creativity. You see this as a time to be more involved socially which will give you an emotional boost. Your desire to share in special moments celebrating news or connecting with those who matter will strongly influence throughout this week. Virgo you want to feel a sense of belonging and possibly settling down.




This week focuses on the best options and most effective decisions to benefit changes you wish to embrace in the coming few months. This may include looking over several ideas or finding many variables in which to gather as much information or proposed outcomes as possible. Libra the only downfall is due to so many opportunities you may not be able to settle on just one clear choice.


Scorpio - THE DEATH reversed


This week focuses on what will be the next level of changes that you know or need to introduce. This could indicate a time of new plans in career, finances or even taking steps to restructure your personal well being. Whatever you choose it will be for the best. Scorpio you are closing one chapter and moving into the next - culling all the way.

Sagittarius - FOUR OF CUPS

This week focuses on that which you find confusing or not to your level of expectation. This may include the way you internally feel when looking over your life and your near future goals. Part of you may see a disappointing result appearing or perhaps something falling short. So Sagittarius you may need to slow down, not rush and revise a few ideas before giving into negative temptations.

Capricorn - THE RETROSPECT reversed

This week focuses on bringing up some important understandings. You may find yourself not trusting everything said around you and therefore investigating further. Perhaps you may find people evasive or similar in gaining the right answers. Therefore Capricorn you may need to rely on your own self to see plans, deals or decisions through just incase or at least double check everything.



This week focuses looking for an advantageous deal or outcome to your circumstances. You wish to have the advantage therefore you will look to ways in which to initiate the right deals or vantage points in which to be ahead of the game. Aquarius you have a way of getting matters in order even it it takes a bit of wrangling to muster the results.

Pisces - PAGE OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on patience, tolerance and perseverance. You appear to have many occasions which you find testing your ability to compromise. This could come through simply longer traffics times, longer outcomes for plans or even people who can get on your nerves more than usual. So, Pisces it all about wait and see attitude whilst life catches up.

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