This weeks Tarotscopes 6th of December - 12th of December 2020​​

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

6th of December - 12th of December 2020


This week focuses on the people and moments important to your emotional well-being. This is a momentous time of sharing your feelings, involving yourself in some of the “feel good” moments which highlight just how much you matter to yourself and others. Aries with all these love bubbles you could be thinking its time to celebrate something important or perhaps pop a question that leads to an “I DO”.

Taurus - THE RETROSPECT (Hermit) reversed

This week focuses on building trust around situations which need wise input. You will see moments of gossip, underlying issues with problematic concerns or just looking to find an honest answer or explanation. You could see this as a time in which you need to be more diligent in following up on matters instead of leaving it to chance. Taurus only you can get to the truth by soul searching through the mountain of information before you.



This week focuses on home, family and community. You can see the importance of changes that involve the stability and security you seek with lifestyle and people involved. Your focus is predominantly on supporting those who bring you a sense of belonging. Gemini as you are in the mood to pretty up and redesign some of your belongings you could see a shift or change on the horizon that brings you excitement and something to celebrate.



This week focuses on messages and information all of which could be in need of your full attention. You could see mountains of information to wade through, renewals of agreements or just settling your regular correspondence and staying on top of communications. Cancer a very productive and busy week ahead.

Leo - THREE OF WANDS reversed

This week focuses on change that will be necessary if you are to resolve a few outstanding matters. Your better judgement may be to own up to something however you may find doing so also comes with its own ramifications. Therefore you find yourself not sure which avenue to take or what to trust. Leo everyone will have an opinion but it will be up to you to choose the right reply or answer to satisfy your reasoning.


This week focuses on contracts, agreements, home and realestate. However, you may be attracting much more than you bargain for. This is a time in which to feel you are securing the right deals and negotiations that will see you through without limitations. Virgo as the law of attraction is strong - best to only wish for that which you know will be well worth it in the long run.


Libra - KNIGHT OF PENTACLES reversed


This week focuses on getting out of a rut and into something more productive. You will find yourself procrastinating over what is best or how to manifest that which you feel could be essential to accomplish. But, with all this to and fro energy and thinking you may not be clear on what exactly can be done. Libra you might find yourself if a bit of a pickle when it comes to money, agreements and home/family.


Scorpio - SIX OF CUPS


This week focuses on rekindling and reconnecting to people and circumstances that have a great importance from the past. You could see this as a re-union or revisiting or even a visitor that arrives out the blue from way back when. Scorpio undoubtedly the past is playing an important role in your mind with a reminiscent time to be had.

Sagittarius - FIVE OF SWORDS reversed

This week focuses on frustrations and some unforgiving moments which could be instigated by a situation in which you feel highly exasperated or protective about. You may find this comes through words, intentions or previous associations all of which could create an unsettling time of communications. Sagittarius you may need to find a way in which to let go, forgive or move over a regrettable situation without taking the drama with you.

Capricorn - SIX OF WANDS

This week focuses on finding balance and harmony in that which brings you a sense of good outcomes. You may see this through results, news or a victory over a matter which may have you running to pop the champagne. Capricorn, whatever it is something rules favourably giving you a nice edge to work upon and feel victorious.



This week focuses on fortunate accumulation though money and deals. You could see a tidy sum arrive or a deal struck that lands you with a promising future outlook. This is an abundant week of gaining what you need and the resources or support to make it happen. Aquarius you feel life is on the up and up with much to accomplish and much that can be achieved.


This week focuses on the home, mother, family and children. Although you may see this manifest through news or possibly changes in the family which may welcome a time of personal contentment or settling. You appear to want to bring a strong sense of support and nurturing to your life through those whom are important. Pisces this will be exceptional if you are looking to spend time with those who matter.

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