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Virgo 2021 Tarotscopes


This year will focus on creating the perfect opportunity in which to follow your heart. This may arise very early in the April, May/June 2021 with a view of seeing everything in place by the summer months. You will put many plans into place even those plans which you feel impossible appear to have a helping hand to manifest.

The year is built on trusting you are moving in a positive direction and seeing the year as a chance to manifest confidence in your own abilities. this coupled with determination and resilience to make this year the best one yet will be the icing on the cake.


This is a year in which you see a strong wish or plan come to fruition especially more so if it has been a long held goal or ambition. The home and family has a strong traditional feel with the desire to revisit or research places, people and travels which could be linked to the childhood.

In saying this parental or the older generation may highlighted. This can include grandparents or those you feel a deep appreciation for the values instilled or journeys taken. Mixing the old with the new can reflect on repairs, renovations and other significant home plans as well.

You feel the love, you see the support and more importantly you honour the people who make it all possible. If you could wish one wish this year - it may well involve your home and family.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will encourage changes in which to move ahead. You may finally be ready to take that leap of faith leaving a job to pursue that which you have created as the perfect opportunity to shine independently.

Now, as the two of cups represents communication and partnerships, when falling in reverse it often gravitates to mixed replies or arguments and break downs in partnerships. So if you have not been happy with your current circumstances then, you will have no problems in closing a door and starting again with a new idea or endeavour.

However, you may not broadcast your plans outright until you have everything in alignment. June, July and August and December 2021 give you many opportunities to follow your heart on matters that are for your future betterment. If you are waiting to land the right job or career it may just happen in this timeline.


You are willing to push every boundary and work every deal to ensure you have what you desire where money is concerned. This may not bring you mega millions but it will definitely show you that your effort is worth the energy you place in getting your true worth.

You will have a chance to settle any outstanding problems or issues over a financial matter giving you the green light to move forward. ​This is not a time to question yourself on what is right or wrong instead, see just how far you have pushed yourself to get ahead and with this you can reap the rewards.

Monetary gains may appear around real estate, prizes, windfalls or lucky outcomes. This may appear to be more favourable between April and September 2021 however can happen at any given time.


This year past health issues may re-present or you may revisit a health issue which requires a check up. You could see this as a chance to gain peace of mind over what you may have decided or considered as a course of action. However, this is not to say you are manifesting a negative result or situations may have changed.

The influence is showing past medical or health issues that were known, approached or dealt with in the past. These issues could have related to the intestinal, reproductive or emotional anxieties relating to skin or infections. Therefore this may be just an annual check up or addressing previous treatments in which to put matters in perspective or solve anything still lingering.


Relationships and personal connections become greatly influenced by feelings. You may question how others feel about you. You may question how others perceive you, like you or even if there is a mutual connection. This can lead you to over thinking matters and lose sight of your own capabilities or self worth in a relationship.Therefore you will need to take care not to compare yourself or your life to how others may live or be.

Taking care of your mental and emotional betterment will be paramount to building a confidence in how you feel about yourself and faith in what you know you can achieve as an individual not just in a relationship. Past experiences may create this soul searching reflection but as love is surrounding your passions this year. You will have many opportunities to regain your composure and follow your heart.

This year present you with wisdom, experience and most importantly an emotionally building time of awareness. If you ever doubted love was for you or there was not a perfect love match - then this year will show you the beauty of love in many wonderful experiences arriving throughout December 2020 and December 2021.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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