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Watch these dates in February 2020

They hold a strong significance: 02.02.2020, 20.02.2022 and 22.02.2020

February brings three significant dates 2nd of February 2020, 20th of February 2020 and the 22nd of February 2020. All of which produce an abundance of 2's which influences the emotional, spiritual and physical betterment.

February 2020 is influenced by the “Healing Energy” card which promotes Intuitive, psychic energy, esoteric knowledge and manifestation.

You will find this a time of feeling extra sensitive to thoughts, people, and environments in which you frequent. The very essence of listening to the messages and impressions within the mind, body and spirit which encourages a need to create a more wholesome change.

You may find yourself reflective on personal fears and inhibitions, enabling your inner child to speak up and express openly for a more deserving time of personal awareness or fairness. You may see reasons in which to let go of negative impressions or expectations placed by the self or through others. You will recognise past lessons and experiences which have led you down a path of feeling dominated by such experiences.

You may consciously be aware that you must find the truth and acceptance within that, which you may have encouraged times when it was easier to find excuses for your behaviour or actions. You start to recognise that overwhelming sense of powerlessness can no longer hold you back but instead prompt you to make that very change to let go and no longer manifest limitations and resentment in which to continue to build upon.

Listen to the body as your energy prompts more attention to taking care of your inner self, lifestyle and environmental influences. You may see this as the perfect time in which to manifest healthier choices, rejuvenating the body with focusing on diet, transforming habitual patterns into cleansing changes in which to thrive and better understand your physical needs for long term betterment.

Spiritually allow your self to open to the messages, signs and soul’s yearning to heal, learn and move past lessons with growth and deeper understanding. This may not feel easy but it is essential for healing and consciousness. You are embracing your purpose and path through unlocking the information which is key to finding your own personal power and truth. You will begin to see joy, happiness and the self is capable and able to create new possibilities through opening the consciousness towards new forms of guidance and willing exploration.

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