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Weekly Tarotscopes

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

3rd of January - 9th of January 2021

Aries - THE DEATH reversed

This week focuses on creating necessary changes. You may see this as a chance in which to remove old habits, attitudes or even closing chapters on problems which no longer need your focus or energy. Aries, you see this as a time of renewal and transformation which necessitate better vibrations for the near future.


This week focuses on dealings with those in positions or places of importance. This may come through connecting with professionals to gain better guidance. However it may also indicate you will place most of your energy and attention on your personal faith and beliefs. Taurus a special event or ceremony will have deep meaning.

Gemini - TEN OF PENTACLES reversed


This week focuses on changes within the home, family and lifestyle. You could see this as a time of travel, saying goodbye to visitors or just restructuring your home. Not everything will feel normal as routines will change at last minute or plans may go awry. However, Gemini this may be your chance to make some important changes in how you live and those who are part of your daily occurrences.



This week focuses on propositions, proposals and putting ideas forward. You may contemplate much of that which you feel presents a time of new offers or net level planning. This could see you busy weighing up the alternatives or finding the best outcome. So, Cancer prepare to be in the spotlight when it comes to putting your plans into action and gaining the right resources in which to make all possible.


This week focuses on abundance and money arriving both which will bring a smile to your lips. You may see your goals manifesting with positive results and therefore allowing you to move ahead on purchases, new resources and incomes. Leo you appear to have what you need when you need it - especially around finances and material gains.

Virgo - SEVEN OF PENTACLES reversed

This week focuses on anxieties which may manifest through old fears or concerns. However, it appears everything will fall into place or happen seamlessly without much ado. The test will come through trusting everything you require will come to par even if it is as the 12th hour. Virgo you have a little extra luck to get yourself out of any sticky situations.




This week focuses on changes in lifestyle, career and personal revelations. You see this as the perfect time to turn over a new leaf whilst instigating new goals and paths to follow. You may see yourself presented with many opportunities - remember the choices you will make will be right for you. Libra you are motivated to get the ball rolling and make everything happen.


Scorpio - PAGE OF PENTACLES reversed


This week focuses on taking care of monetary matters and applying caution to areas which require a more delicate touch. You will be aware of financially binging or spending which may be a sore point if not taken into control soon. Therefore Scorpio you will spend this week going over numbers, budgets and working out the best route in which to get finances on track.

Sagittarius - PAGE OF WANDS reversed

This week focuses on unexpected or surprising news. This may come from someone or something you truly do not expect. Although it is not known if this is a positive message or a shock. All the same you may be best to stay flexible when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. Sagittarius a week of mysteries and happenings as declarations or events appear before you.

Capricorn - THE WORLD reversed

This week focuses on moving through the same situations but with a greater awareness. A strong week of personal and professional reflection which may bring you to a greater sense of understanding that which lies ahead. You will be retracing agreements, plans and returning to a point in which to better assess the next steps. Capricorn this is all about return travel be this physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Aquarius - TWO OF WANDS


This week focuses on where you believe you may be next. As this influence governs the home, finances and travels. You could see this week as a shift in places or a change around your circumstances enabling you a chance to move forward on plans. Aquarius money and personal matters bring transitional changes to the fore.

Pisces - NINE OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on unexpected or surprising outcomes. You may see this manifest through plans however what you first expect may come through alternative means. This implies you still get what you want but not how you think. Pisces this could be one week filled with many happenings or unexpected twists.

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