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Weekly Tarotscopes

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

18th of April -24th of April 2021


This week you could see things go south very quickly. Perhaps something that takes place is out of your control or something you do not account happening. This week is filled with surprises so expect to stay flexible or just calm as you ride the waves. Aries watch your finances as spending could leave you emptying your resources quicker than you expect or something you rely upon may fall short.


This week brings some fetching moments of love and support. You could see this come through a personal compliment or just find others attracted to your energy in ways that highlight how important or special you truly are. Love blossoms for you - whether you are in a relationship or not - this week gives you some memorable moments. Taurus you see that which is achievable as a passionate goal to obtain. However romance is definitely on your mind.


This week will give you a strong sense of taking a bog step forward and trusting the results to manifest. This may come when you are propelled outside of your comfort zones into something new and exciting. This is big! And therefore you can gain excitement from knowing its worth the energy and effort you put in. Gemini a week you dont see coming but will give you much more than you realise if you are willing to let go of fear and just do it!


This week brings much thought and contemplation as you throw caution to the wind and put everything into place. You may find the risks outweigh the results - even if you are not sure - you see results as you lay your cards on the table and take the steps needed. Cancer this is a week of chance - everything happens by chance - this may tell you if that which you are gambling or speculating on happening could be definitely worth the effort.


This week you see challenges before you but opportunity in which to overcome that which may test your resolve. This is a week that pushes you to make things happen. Therefore expect a light opposition from those who may not agree with your tactics but may come to terms with your intentions. Leo you will push harder and will not take no as an answer.

VIRGO - TEN OF CUPS reversed

This week will be slightly awkward as you move towards changes which may not be easy. This could mean the focus on home and family or lifestyle is temperamental as plans or decisions appear to be slow to happen or slow to come to agreement. You will need to watch your own temperament around others who may not appreciate the challenging time of change. Virgo you can step back and let it all come to pass or you can push until it happens - but change is inevitable.


This week brings contentment, family and personal happiness into the fore. You see this as your chance to be more settled, stable or focused on those who matter. The empress represents females - generally the mother so news around a mother or possibly announcements connected to children could highlight. Libra you see power in finding happiness in the home and those who grace your daily life.


This week will bring you a few unexpected moments, surprising developments or a bit of news that may come from a person or situation you least expect. How you handle this may be to your own surprise? However regardless you will still be a little shocked or surprise by that which unfolds. Scorpio a week of - “I did not see that coming!”


This week gives you a chance to see opportunities present which come perfectly into alignment. This is a fortunate week in which to excel in plans, see timely decisions happen or just feel everything falling into place. You will gain excitement through events, people or that which you believe is worthwhile manifesting. Sagittarius a good fortunate week of good luck and good results which arrive just as you need or desire.


This week the cracks begin to appear as you sense pressure from people or situations around you. Perhaps you will put more pressure on yourself because of matters. However deep down you are wondering if you really can cope with everything you see happening or coming before you. Capricorn its will take more energy to find a happy resolution that works for you - but given you are placing such a high demand on yourself - perhaps its about loosening up and just allowing yourself to relax instead.


This week brings stress over money, work and relationships with others. You could find that you are giving more than you are receiving or that others are weighing you down with their own problems. The challenge will come over changes which may not be in your control. Perhaps this is showing you where you can no longer rely upon one thing or person but instead be open to improving matters. Aquarius a temperamental time with added stress but there is light at end of the tunnel.


This week you see results around communication , marketing, finances and gaining a good results. You may see this as a bonus or deal which manifest even a collaborative agreement that gives you more than you expect. Perfect for loans, increased incomes or benefiting from negotiating a settlement of sorts. Pisces you have the gift of the gab and the ability to sway others into giving you what you want or need.

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