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Weekly Tarotscopes 22nd - 28th of November 2020


This week focuses on happy and successful commitments which lead to positive outcomes and results. You see this as a personal time of fulfilment involving your home, career, personal relationships and future opportunities. Aries you are excited about the prospects of getting out of your usual routines and enjoying a little more free time.

Taurus - THE RETROSPECT reversed

This week focuses on being realistic about what information is correct and pitfalls to avoid. You could find yourself in the mix of a situation which requires you full attention. In this time listen to your gut when it comes to what is relayed or indicated by others. Something may not be exactly as you anticipate therefore Taurus it is up to you to set the record straight or to find a more trusting source.


This week focuses on moments of great understanding and sensitivity. This could revolve around a particular person who is significant to your emotional thoughts. However, it may just imply that you are the leaning post for others because you are such a empathiser. Gemini what you need or require could manifest through the actions of others and the good will of yourself.

Cancer - QUEEN OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on issues with gaining what you need from whom you require it to happen. You may find difficulty with sticking to plans, decisions or lack motivation to to follow through on that which you may have given you word. Its a fickle and changeable time Cancer and you will struggle to stick to any one course as you can’t seem to settle on one course of action over many other possibilities.

Leo - THE EMPRESS reversed

This week focuses on changes in the home, family and plans. You see this as disruptive to normal schedules or routines however, this small inconvenience may have a silver lining. Leo expect a few challenges, before everything sets itself right again. This may be a more active week of travel, spring cleaning or dealings with family matters.


This week focuses on two courses of action with both appearing to be just as relevant as the other. Unfortunately in this mind set you will find it difficult to set the wheels in motion and make decisions confidently. Virgo a very changeable and fickle week of waiting until you have everything you need to move forward on matters which require precise steps to happen.

Libra - THE DEVIL reversed

This week focuses on contracts, agreements and resolving problems connecting home, finances and other significant matters impeding your ability to move ahead. You will see this as a busy time of settling your affairs, whilst removing anything that no longer serves its purpose. Libra its time to embrace a new chapter with a new attitude to match.


This week focuses on creating the abundance you seek with the ambitions you hold. You see favour in making money, accumulating achievements and reaching goals. Finances will be flush as you open doors to new opportunities bringing the resources you need. Scorpio one very abundantly successful week of gains.

Sagittarius - THE STAR

This week focuses on good luck and vibrations which enable you to strive ahead. However, with such good fortune it may only be really appreciated through the means of a struggle. So, expect that although you may experience a situation that may not appear to be lucky or fortunate at the time - you may see yourself as fortunate in hindsight. Sagittarius just count your blessings and believe wishes can come true.

Capricorn - NINE OF SWORDS reversed

This week focuses on overcoming what will be a time of isolation or stepping back to recoup or restart. You will see times of many highs and lows which could highlight areas in life in which you may feel strongly about. You could experience a sense of loneliness, sadness or reflection on what has been and what may be. Capricorn you may need to step through a few motions whilst finding more workable solutions.

Aquarius - TWO OF CUPS

This week focuses on communications, partnerships and collaborations. You could see a proactive time of meetings, talk is and agreements all set to encourage plans and future steps to be undertaken. Aquarius this is one week you will need to work together with others in which to accomplish that which can be supportive to your personal and professional plans and goals.


This week focuses on dealings with those in positions of authority. This could indicate government, the boss or a strong willed personality which demands your attention. Pisces in this moment you find strength in supporting your own thoughts and feelings on matters which command leadership and direction.

Brought to you by Carolyn Clairvoyant -

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