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Weekly Tarotscopes

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

16th of May - 22nd of May 2021

ARIES - FIVE OF CUPS (exactly the same as last weeks card)

This week you revisit the past and may have a chance to settle a few outstanding areas which require your focus and patience. You may feel lost in a situation or need help to find information or solutions. Past people, places and most importantly reconnecting to that which needs you attention will be significant. Aries this is a time to look forward and close off some chapters whilst writing some new ones.


This week gives you the chance in which to see long term goals or wishes come true. You may see this manifest through peers you respect, long term ambitions or well established areas in your life now opening the right doors or offers to enable you to walk more comfortably through achieving your goals. Aries this is a week of seeing wishes come true.


This week brings opportunity to see hard work and rewarding results come together marvellously. You my see this as a chance in which to accomplish much more than you though was or is possible, This may give you a chance to rise within the ranks of position, career, business or possibly acquiring recognition or funding. Gemini it appears the effort you put in shows you have the skills and ability to make anything possible or happen.


This week brings you back to the past in a way that will not only revisit the past or reconnect with those whom are significant. You will find yourself reliving the past or reflective of strong moments which still hold importance or purpose in your life to this day be this through events, reunions or memories/ items.. Cancer a strong time of reminiscing, recounting and reconnecting to people, places and events of importance to you then and now.


This week you arrive at a time in which you recognise you need to change mind set in order to be more decisive. You are in a constant mode of sitting on the fence, not reaching decisions or swaying with the masses or the majority. Perhaps you are procrastinating over that which you know you need to address but may not wish to do so now. Leo one minute you think you have the answers and the next you do not.


This week brings you sense a time of holding your own or standing your ground over a matter or situation of great importance to you. Perhaps this protective stance is allowing you to demonstrate your personal boundaries or support that which is important to you or others. Virgo you will hold your own be this on point of view, opinion or just position on a matter, person or outcome.


This week allows opportunities to flow and perhaps this is important around romantic or personal affairs. You sense that you have the right amount of energy and flow in which to connect to htat which you propose or desire to have. This can bring productive results or new opportunistic offers. LIbra you have what you need in order to contemplate what works best.


This week you brings unexpected developments, out of the blew surprises or something weird and unexplained. One think for sure is you may not recognise or realise any of this until the last moment. So it may be you are kept on your toes or welcoming news in a fashion you least expect. Scorpio and interesting week for sure.


This week brings areas of expression highlighted with conversations, words and other forms of verbal, emotional connection. You may enter deep and meaningful discussions or even express your interest in ways in which to best articulate your self better. Sagittarius it could well be that others take a keen interest in you and wish to explore matters more.


This week you will feel curious about what truly is next or how matters may be play out for you. You will see this as a focus on the future and the need to now each step before hand. However, its is in this moment you may discover that which is to be revealed is right in front of you. Capricorn secrets may reveal more than you account or perhaps something you are waiting upon is is clouded with a bit of mis communication.


This week you see this as a time in which to find areas or answers to best suit your needs. Perhaps you felt that the timing was not right before but is perfect now or maybe you know the timing is not right but you will still find a way to move around the small delays until such time as you can get everything to happen. Aquarius this is the best time to be prepared for when everything does come together.


This week you feel a great sensitivity to females in your life. Be this mother, grandmother, daughter, niece, aunt or self. You see a significant emotional pull to nurture or support others and in return allow this to support your needs as well. Pisces you may see this a chance to empathise or connect in a deep and profound way of greater consciousness when it comes to that which gives you greater peace or love in your heart or mind

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