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Weekly Tarotscopes - 29th of November - 5th of December 2020

This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant

29th of November - 5th of December 2020


This week focuses on your dreams and aspirations. You might find you give into moments of daydreaming and emotional thoughts which you feel need exploring if given the opportunity to manifest. Your head is thinking more than you may be physically applying yourself. However, Aries you have a chance to see possibilities in places you may have not considered previous as you mind opens to new plans and dreams.

Taurus - NINE OF SWORDS reversed

This week focuses on overcoming any doubts and moving yourself into a space filled with more time in which to value your thoughts or feelings on matters. You may decide to take time out, a break away or even a holiday from daily pressures. However, Taurus as you do this you could see ways in which to reconnect to goals and perhaps happiness in a more constructive way.

Gemini - ACE OF PENTACLES reversed


This week focuses on where you will easily waste time, energy and money on situations which may need a deeper analysis before rushing in. You appear to be overly focusing on a person or situation or perhaps dealing with unexpected expenses or lack of income to support your spending. Therefore Gemini, take care not to over extend yourself leaving yourself depleted and exhausted.


Cancer - THE FOOL reversed

This week focuses on what could be a think before you act scenario. It appears you may need to trust your better instincts when it comes to making decisions or arriving at conclusions. You could save yourself a lot of double running or problems in the long run. Cancer if something feels amiss - try not to jump in before you have given the situation much thought.

Leo - TWO OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on unexpected disagreements which include challenging conversations and people. You could see this as a disconcerting feeling within yourself wishing not to face or be involved in what may be transpiring. However with all this said and done Leo, you do have a chance to settle matters which may need a delicate touch to solve.


This week focuses on business as usual. You will seek out areas in which to enhance your finances such as loans, agreements or investments. This may bring you more into contact with those who can help such as bankers, business professionals or brokers. Virgo you may see many opportunities present ot make money or gain material outcomes.


Libra - NINE OF WANDS reversed


This week focuses on overcoming what could be a testing and physically exhausting time of settling outstanding issues. You may lose something, be at a loss over a situation or question your faith if a person or decision. You may not feel the same confidence you once had perhaps as circumstances could be more tedious than you first expect. Libra it will be a game of wait and see.


Scorpio - THREE OF SWORDS reversed


This week focuses on compromise and finding the right mediating point in which to settle matters. You could set agendas into a temporary cycle or decide on other alternatives until something better comes along. However Scorpio you will need to be flexible, considerate of options and open to many variables or choices to get through this influence.

Sagittarius - FIVE OF CUPS

This week focuses on the past including events, people or areas in which you may find a strong influence or reflection. You could see people re-entering your life or past plans resurfacing - through catch ups, reunions or even an old flame could manifest from nowhere. . Whatever brings a blast from the past Sagittarius it will be up to you whether its worth revisiting or best to keep on walking forward.

Capricorn - TEN OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on change within the home, family and career. You could see this as a chance to move forward with plans, take a holiday or welcome a transition that has been long overdue. This may not be all roses and champagne as you could encounter a few disagreements. However Capricorn if the mood suits and the situation beckons this is your chance to step back and just observe what could be a new time of opportunities best spent on new goals and plans for the future.



This week focuses on manifesting success through material and financial means. You may see purchases, loans or financial windfalls manifesting giving you a chance to focus on lifestyle choices. You appear to find good luck in deals, negotiations and other favours readily available. Aquarius this weeks set you in good spirits with finances and outcomes.

Pisces - THE DEVIL reversed

This week focuses on inviting change around the home. You may see time spent away from the home bringing some new opportunities to get out of usual cycles. This is a perfect influence for those wishing to sell or change residence as you see more viability or options. Pisces a chance to break away from the ritualistic life obligations and be more of a free spirit to enjoy change.

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