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Weekly Tarotscopes

Week of the 31st of October - 6th of November 2021


This week you reach and stalemate or indecisive time of decision making. You feel you are on the right track but may question the next steps or the future direction in which to follow. This may come over offers around career, changes in the home or personal goals. Aries all this weighing up the pros and cons could leave you a little over tired or exhausted.


This week you may see delays in plans or detours in that which you feel should be happening now. These blocks or short comings will be annoying however, you have the chance to realign, rethink or restart matters to get back on track. It appears your have some resistance coming from all quarters. Taurus not everything will be forthcoming however you can still make progress.

GEMINI - THE FOOL reversed

This week opens your consciousness to take your time, think before you speak and plan before you jump headlong into something that could need more caution or fore thought. You may have a tendency to feel reckless or lacking self control - this may hamper some of the best laid plans. Gemini the rebellious side may be showing more than you realise.


This week the home and family may undergo many changes or challenges. You see this as a time of sorting out that which could be pressuring decisions or urging solutions to fix. You may feel everything is difunctional or lacking stability especially around your normal routines or home unit. Cancer this is a very busy week in areas connected to changes in the home, buying, selling or financial agreements and settlements.

LEO - ACE OF CUPS reversed

This week you feel the need to question everything. This may be questioning your feelings on matters such as how others perceive you or if you feel other like you or accept you. This could just be a time of personal reflection opposed to outwardly observing what happens in your daily affairs. Leo you may feel a lack of confidence in a personal situation which could be why you are looking for some comfort or confirmation.


This week you see your way clear on many aspects of decision making, career, finances and more importantly personal connections. This time highlights inviting in new and better opportunities to be more self satisfied and complete. Great news for those looking to reconnect to life areas which give you a new direction and positive path to move along. Virgo take the leap and enjoy the new Doors opening.


This week the focus wil lbe on finishing up that which is outstanding. This will include financial matters, projects and unfinished business. You could say your energy is on ensuring that you follow up on that which you know needs to be brought to a finality or conclusion so as to allow change to commence. Libra some may return to school, back to work or pick up a hobby that once was on the back burner.


This week may not favour your bank account. You appear to be spending more than you can afford or you find expensive outgoings happening very quickly. You may say this is not fair! You may even feel shocked or a little blind sided. However, as much as you seem to feel a little deflated something arrives to restore your energy. Scorpio a time of giving or handing out with very little in return.


This week you sort out the home, finances and decision making connected to your family or domestic areas. You may see this as transitioning between places, sorting out the budget or re-aligning your plans on where you are and that in which you will be soon heading. Sagittarius a positive time of deals, agreements around home and property as opportunities to bring your plans into focus manifest.


This week you feel under pressure from external influences which may affect your finances, career or even family areas. You see this as a time of dealing with much with little assistance or help in return. This may fact the way others relate or how you can work around putting plans into place more effectively. Capricorn this week will be testy.


This week a small hiccup before everything comes into alignment. This little diversion will just means with greater patience you get what you want but not in your timing. You could be looking at a holiday, break way, social catch up or making changes in the home in which to feel more self satisfied. Aquarius this is the time to just let everything happen on its own Accord.

PISCES - THE SUN reversed

This week you may find old issues resurfacing especially around family or home areas. This could be something you need to deal with head on but in doing so it wont necessarily mean it’s completely solved to your satisfaction. Expect a few delays with communication or restructuring plans to fit. Pisces a bit of uneasy time with going back over old issues or concerns before finding a workable solution.


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