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Weekly Tarotscopes

21st of November - 27th of November 2021


This week doubts start to filter through and your concerns mount. However, this is not a time to give into worry when really the solution or problem will be solved before you know it. This week is testy but take some reassurance in finding workable solutions and positive results. Aries you will accomplish more than you realise with a little faith and patience.


This week you see this as a chance to make some rewarding or beneficial decisions. What and how you invest this energy will determine how much you gain back. This week is ripe with offers, financial rewards and recognition. Taurus you have a chance to see a strong time of achieving goals and securing the right outcomes.


This week brings a strong focus on your future not, just any future but your long term. You sense this as your chance to secure a stronger objective or prospective on where you wish to head with matters connected to career and lifestyle. This week offers you a chance ot make mature and wholesome decisions to be in a better position in the future. Gemini you can see positive developments concerning your choices manifesting through precision thinking and good decision making.


This week you feel a lack of motivation and more importantly that everyhting is too difficult to move around or get into order. It could be that you are taking the long way around solving an issue you could have or should have dealt with earlier. This week could bring you back to square one only making you take a deeper and tougher look at what you may now need to fix. Cancer no use avoiding the inevitable.


This week you find dealings with those in positions or places of superiority, leadership or law influencing your decisions and outcomes. You may need to take the lead ion a matter which requires you to stand your ground. Either way you will see a few power struggles before matters settle. Leo this is not a difficult week but it is one that will require focus and decisive planning if you are to secure that which you require or need.


This week gives you many options or a variable choices however, in saying this you may not have a clear answer or outcome. As you wade through the alternatives and weigh the pros and cons you feel a sense of overwhelming confusing. This may be as you are over thinking the issue and not seeing a way to just do what you know is right or best from your own inner perspective. Virgo dont be swayed by the masses instead find strength in your own gut feelings.


This week you are blessed with many good omens or good luck. Although you may not recognise this as the the time , but in the future or near future you will. This is your chance to find long term goals and ways in which to reach such. You may see thos come through others who support and respect your journey. Libra this week brings results - sometime in the future.


This week you may feel a tad disillusioned by what may or may not be happening. BUT before you jump right on in and make assumptions - ensure you have all the information or facts. That’s right Scorpio your natural curious mind to soul searching and looking deep into the depths of secrets and the unknown is ripe. So, wait before leaping in to see What truly is real or to be be revealed.


This week you focus on your goals, abilities, talents and skills - however this can also bring a strong focus to home, property and realestate. You appear to have the knack to bring attention to the that which you can offer and this may in turn bring you good results. Sagittarius a positive time of dealing with those in positions or places to help or bring you the services or products you need.


This week you feel uncertain and question everything. Most of this is inner turmoil which arises from what you think is holding you back but may not be. This is your own doubts or fears creating questions where questions dont need to be. This week you have more freedom to move or make changes than you feel possible. Capricorn no time to second guess that which could be working int your favour.


This week you question your feelings on matters and may even reassess or reflect on how other feel about you. There is a power struggle with your confidence and this leads to doubts or personal concerns. However, this could be not as difficult as you think. Aquarius this weeks asks you to be real about what you want - if in doubt back out!


This week you look to areas of betterment, happiness and commitments. You see this as your chance to make plans and possible look at future prospects around travel. However, a small delay may mean redirecting your plans or waiting for a more favourable time. Pisces not all is lost - just a small detour before the final outcome.

Special Announcement

I recently had my personal facebook account compromised. As my personal account is linked to my “Carolyn Clairvoyant - business page on facebook and my Carolyn Clairvoyant instagram account. This has left me without access as I linked all my accounts through my facebook account as you do!

I have appealed the “ I have broken community standard rules” but as of the 10th of November 2021 - nothing has yet been lifted to allow me access.

The unfortunate part was the business account “Carolyn Clairvoyant page” on facebook ran a series of ads back in 2012 - and again in 2015 possibly. I found the expenditure useless to gather more clients and ceased paid promotions. However, it appears acceptable for them (facebook) to charge me two sums of money for ads I have not placed whilst my account is disabled. (that correct my account has been disabled but i am being charged s for ads i never placed)

Appealing this to PayPal come to no avail even with stating my facebook account was compromised I have not purchased any business advertising yet i am being charged for such. Apparently it appears I have an authorisation in place. (Not to my knowledge as all ads were disabled back when i found the pricing was not matching my audience intake now my business incomes back in 2015) How convenient! That all of a sudden my facebook which controls my business account is raising revenue for facebook yet - low and behold I am on a ”community standards“ lock out.

EVEN more crazier - i can see all my chat messages but can not reply from messenger - people can still purchase through my facebook store and I get the sales - i just cant reply to your enquires. RIDICULOUS -

However, peoples - I am resilient, I am strong and facebook - I am woman - I will will survive - it might break my heart yo lose my branding “Carolyn Clairvoyant” but it wont take what I worked years to build.

So, hopefully I can come back with some better news soon. Til then

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