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Weekly Tarotscopes

28th of November - 4th of December 2021


This week you will focus on what makes the right outcome or decisions based on that which is on offer. You will negotiate your way through deals, opportunities and prospective openings. Aries this week enables you a chance to consider the right choices which fit your needs and deliver on that which you truly want.


This week draws you closer to contracts, agreements and manifesting ares around realestate, property or a major purchase. You can see this as a chance to manifest what you believe to be supportive and beneficial. Taurus expect a time of signing on the dotted line and making good on that which you desire to happen or attract to bolster your confidence in making the right decisions.


This week you clear the way with goals and arriving at a defined route of understanding in matters which require sorting. You have the distinct ability to see what you can achieve whilst making room to push ahead in areas you know will give you more leverage in the near future. Gemini the path is open and you have the green light to get plans into place and reach personal targets.


This week brings you what could appear confusing or has many variables. You could say you have more options than you know what to do with. So, this could be a overwhelming time of trying to reach a concrete decision or final outcome. Cancer you see this as a time of opportunity but you may need to weed out what is worth your commitment and that which is not.


This week you could find unexpected resources or ways in which to obtain money or other material support. You have the ability to sway opportunity your way and in such you bring a surprise outcome. This is your chance to make some strong ground on that which may be presented out of the blue but very much to your favour Leo.


This week focuses on betterment, wellbeing and health matters. However it may be a simple check up or finding a more relaxed time around your home and lifestyle opposed to something major. However if you are concerned for yourself or someone close concerning medical treatments or appointments, it may be everything just comes together effortlessly. Virgo a time of taking care of that which needs your focus.


This week you feel a sense of frustration and disorganisation. This may come through being over committed around the home, family and personal goals and obligations. Your sense of responsibility may push you into doing much more than you need. Libra this is not an easy week on patience or planning as you find yourself tested by others and the demands around you.


This week doubts appear and insecurities or worries behind to flourish. You may even tell yourself this is not a time to second guess yourself however part of you will take the view of worrying over things that you may not normally focus upon. Scorpio this week will test you ability to move over small concerns and focus on the bigger picture.


This week you may hear or receive surprising news - possibly something you may not expect but it lands right there in front of you. Whatever it may be it could make an interesting reactive or impression. Sagittarius I guess it could be said expect the unexpected? Or just stay flexible as anything can or will happen.


This week brings unexpected or surprising outcomes. This may come through possibilities or areas you may not have really given much thought yet it appears to manifest. Although you may be taken by surprise on how something eventuates you may see this as a family matters or something personally connected to childhood/ child / children or someone new. Capricorn something is just around the corner.


This week enables you to clear the way and find ways in which to be more open with plans and goals. You see this as ripping away anything limiting and finding results which enable you to get ahead or on top of that which was waiting to manifest. Aquarius you see this as a big step forward and reaching that which you feel gives you more room to move.


This week you may find circumstances or situations appear to be out of your control. This may come to spending, decision making, or a person. You may even consider looking for alternatives or options to be able to get one step ahead. However, as you are not able to control the outcomes you may only see this a your chance to sway some of the energy your way Pisces.



As most would realise I am not able to log into my personal facebook account. This breach happened the 10th of November which has left my business accounts both on Facebook and Instagram - now What’s App inaccessible. This not only deeply upsetting for a brand I spent over 10 years building but the fact that Facebook charged my accounts - taking money for adds i had not submitted.

The last ad i would have ever ran would have been in 2012 maybe 2015 if that and due to being costly the ads brought no new client or work my way. So useless in a sense. BUT, facebook deducted money from my account. Then to add salt to the wound I have no access to my business accounts - becuase my account is in review For a video of a sexual nature I did not post. So, technically who posted the ads?

My facebook account like thousands of others had been compromised. Like thousands of others, we are penalised and locked out of our facebooks accounts for nothing we have done but through a compromised flaw in the facebook security. The level of corrupt accounts - identity theft and other swindlers and scams is very ripe. However, with such a multi billion dollar company that buys Instagram, and Whats App and not to mention holds the majority of social media outlets. “The ability to sustain safe accounts and environments for patrons is lacking. However, people like myself that have only used our accounts for business or for family and social means are penalised losing all ability to connect.

The two step authentication - not only works for you - it gives #Meta aka #Facebook the ability to wipe out everything connected to that process in one foul swoop. Businesses which use Facebook and promote through to Instagram - you are at the mercy of what I am experiencing. Losing your branded account because of no fault of your own.

I am still waiting on an assessment Since pricing my ID and going through the steps (10th of November 2021) with not ability to connect and talk to someone or even have the ability to access messenger, instagram or what’s app due to the full blockout system.

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