Weekly Tarotscopes

2nd - 8th of January 2022


This week you may feel the need to put your finances into order and follow a stringent or more orderly routine with spending and time management. You want to feel structured, in control or at least making headway in areas you feel bring you security and long term resources. Aries this week gives you every chance to find a solid direction in which to see results.


This week you feel the pressure to make changes and adapt your lifestyle and working routines to better suit. You could find the pressure arriving through over obligation or other people and demands. Your desire to feel as though you can cope with every day matters may be testing. Taurus you will look for ways to ease the work load and find better solutions.


This week you see much energy wasted on matters you can not change. This may include spending or other areas involving incomes, resources or work. You will be trying to find a cautious path in which to save you more expense. Gemini this is not the easiest of weeks with more out going than incoming.


This week you find yourself looking over past projects or unfinished goals - hoever dont be surprised if this involves a person or issue which you are yet to resolve or find closure. You see this as a chance in which to get busy and rectify ares which have been outstanding. Cancer a week htat could be productive if you set your mind to it.

LEO - THE WORLD reversed

This week gives you the chance to look over your previous life experiences, goals or past happenings. Your focus is to make changes so as you be able to move forward productively. However you may encounter a few set backs or delays so act patient and wisely. Leo remember if you been down this path before you should be well aware of the obstacles or work to be done.


This week your focus in on manifesting the right conditions, agreements or place in which to be more comfortable. This may indicate real estate, contracts or entering into deals which could give you a chance to be more stable or secure. Whatever the decision or collaboration you appear to attract the right conditions or support. Virgo this week lends to positive opportunities arriving.

LIBRA - TEN OF CUPS reversed

This week you see changes arrive around commitments and decisions which may require a delicate touch. Although this could affect your home, plans or family it is not showing htis to be a negative time but only of adjustment and replanning to be organised at a later date. Libra this is a chance to look at new approaches and find workable solutions especially around future changes.


This week you place a strong emphasis on getting ahead - you may even push to make things happen sooner rather than later. You feel the need to hit whilst the iron is hot which could lead you into deals or contracts or decisions to make all possible. The only thing you may need to be aware of is the leaping before you are sure. Scorpio makes sure you have all the facts before committing.


This week you appear see goals manifest but not exactly how you may have planned or first thought. It could be you find a supposing opportunity present or something you are working towards happens when you least expect. This week is filled with surprises creating possibilities at every turn. Sagittarius wishes come true in a very different way or through avenues you least expect.


This week you will spend a majority of time answering correspondence, catching up on paperwork or fulfilling your obligations by connecting to people who will be significant to the next level of actions or decisions you are to take. This is a time of keeping abreast of information and technology. Capricorn a very proactive week of accomplishing much.


This week home, family, personal success and business appear to be shining brightly. You could see this as a chance to focu more on the health and vitality by directing your energy towards projects and goals which bring greater satisfaction in the now and near future. Aquarius this week highlights a time in which you will be centre stage and definitely the focus of others.


This week will focus on communication, finances and possible investment. You may see this as a chance in which to make important deals or move closer to the object of your desire. Whatever the plan is you appear to have the gift of the gab to make deals happen and agreements stick. Pisces this week plays well for getting what you need by asking the right questions.

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