Weekly Tarotscopes

Updated: Feb 25

20th of February - 26th of February 2022


This week you see life take on a new perspective and most likely reason is for the changes you are ready to embark upon or make. You will bring through new plans, find purposeful resolutions and may even find travel or booking a holiday as excitement for what it to arrive. Aries this week brings a fresh approach with some positive new openings and changes to support something bigger in the near future to manifest.


This week you may spend time working over contracts, agreements or seeking support through departments or companies who may be instrumental to outcomes or decisions you seek to advance upon. Now- as this is a very masculine card it may also connect to matters with a male or around a male in your life. Taurus you will take the steps to gain what is needed and advance with that which supports your better interests.


This week you may encounter a few issues with communication, incapability in agreements or just readying yourself for changes which may be on the horizon. You appear to want to back out or get out of something which could be triggering some of your decision making. Gemini you will seek a resolution to a problem but may need to take a step back to see the real issue at hand or truth in a matter.

CANCER - THE FOOL reversed

This week you question everything - including your own reasoning. You may be distrustful, weirdly curious or even skirting with trepidation around a matter rather than jumping directly in. This is one week Cancer, when it could be best to rely on your own instincts or ask the right questions so as to get a larger insight into a matter which is eluding or defying an outcome right now. Especially if this involves contracts, money or someone rushing you into decisions.


This week you feel that a majority of your focus is not in one area - you feel sudden urge to try and rush matters or gain some form of control only to find you have no choice but to wait matters out or conform. Leo you feel the energy and pull but you have no idea how to bring everything around to the outcome you want. Unexpected expenses, guests or health could be part of your frustration - something you cant manage to get back into some order quickly.


This week you gain great leverage and prospects by prioritizing obligations and finding ways in which to move through deals, agreements or decision making in a timely manner. Virgo you see progress as you chip away at each step or level of plans whilst putting order and structure into that which you can do now - whilst setting up future goals as well.

LIBRA - THE SUN reversed

This week you may find old issues resurface or something you once dealt with reappears. However for some it may be a good chance to settle on a deal or matter. For others you see yourself closer to something successful as you have a chance to rectify or fix matters. Libra week that could see perseverance win over in more ways than one


This week you mean business - this will be the energy you need to set up foundations, goals and manage your obligations with ease. You will look for new opportunities in which to main stream your career, home and money. All of which you see potential success and steps ready to happen. Scorpio you will accomplish everything you set out to achieve and some.


This week may not work out the best in many ways however, be careful around money and plans which do not favour you. You could find imbalances appear around areas which you normally find solid or easy to work around. However, Sagittarius this week could throw a few curve balls or leave you feeling a tad exhausted.


This week focuses on home, family, celebrations and welcoming new opportunities. You see this as a hive of activity giving you a chance to get deals, agreements or decision making settled. Capricorn this is a highly sociable time which lifts your spirits and connects you with some fun and exciting people.


This week you feel like you are all in your head. You may day dream about plans or see some of your plans manifesting finally. Whatever it may be you see a connection between how your think and what you feel as a perfect recipe. Aquarius this week brings much to light - tap into your intuitive side and see what materializes or comes to reality.


This week is untimely - well, possibly it is nothing is happening in your time frame. You just cant seem to lock anything into place right now. Small inconveniences may arise connected to plans, money or other matters which require a schedule or set agenda. Pisces a wait and see week - but more likely patience will be the key.


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