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Weekly Tarotscopes 8th November - 14th November 2020

Aries - PAGE OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on patience and being more tolerant with circumstances surrounding plans. You could see yourself impatient with matters pertaining to career, relationships or money but pushing your opinion or weight around will do you no favours. Aries slow and steady wins the race.

Taurus - THREE OF CUPS reversed

This week focuses on overcoming what could be an emotional rollercoaster. You appear to have many moments including personal dealings which will require finding a middle road or sense of balance. Taurus you could be inclined to give into more indulgent behaviour especially involving spending, food, alcohol or overthinking.


This week focuses on gathering the right level of support from those who are in a position to help. You may see this manifest in ways in which you are requiring empathic or compassionate grounds in which to solve a problem. Gemini you will have no problems receiving the assistance you require to move ahead.


This week focuses around taking a more responsive step or action to step up. This may arrive through added work, financial or other immediate obligations. However, you have the ability to pull matters into line with a little extra effort. Cancer the pressure may be on but you can muster the energy in which to make this week a success.

Leo - FOUR OF WANDS reversed

This week focuses on finding happy resolutions and welcoming change after a small setback. So everything will fair better if you remain flexible and allow more time for plans to manifest especially involving travel or major commitments. Leo, you are ready to celebrate and important milestone

Virgo - ACE OF PENTACLES reversed

This week focuses on spending and wasting time and energy. You could see many areas of life needing a well-deserved overhaul. This could very well include budget, finances or challenges over incomes or unnecessary expense. Virgo, you are recognising what is worth your time and that which is best letting go.


This week focuses on home, family and commitments. This could come through news or positive steps leading to a bigger decision or plans to manifest at a later date. Some could be welcoming a new addition to the family. Libra very upbeat and confident energy brings positive rewards.


This week focuses on taking the right steps in which to be more independent. You may see opportunities arise through career, finances or personal goals all of which give you the support and freedom. Scorpio you are all about protecting your interests and therefore, will do what it takes to maintain that which you feel is essential for bettering yourself.

Sagittarius - THE JUSTICE

This week focuses on agreements, contracts and building the right alliances. This may come through legal or official channels lending to the importance of present steps or action based on future outcomes and long term decisions. Sagittarius you could see a favourable result or lucky break manifest from your efforts.

Capricorn - SEVEN OF WANDS

This week focuses on prioritising that which needs attention. You may take methodical steps with dealing with each situation or matter on the level of importance or urgency as opposed to rushing anything. Capricorn your patience to detail gives you a strong advantage.


This week focuses on overcoming doubts or concerns about your future. You could see a busy time of communications in search of answers only to find results bring a much better outcome than first perceived. Therefore, Capricorn with a little faith everything will come together.

Pisces - THE RETROSPECT (hermit)

This week focuses on planning for the future and long term goals. You will be eager to set plans in motion and gather support in areas of importance. You could see time spent with a parent refreshing or strongly influences your thoughts especially if part of your future planning revolves around family matters. Pisces you have the foresight in which to power ahead.

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