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What's Carolyn up to?

As most know, I run a very busy service and would not have it any other way. However, with the popularity of such services and the reintroduction of travel to familiar client hubs. My workload has become overwhelming some days.

This year I am spending more time in "family mode" I juggle helping my daughter and son in law to be, with my two young grandchildren. I watch my beautiful 13-month-old and 3-year-old granddaughters on rotating days to fit with their parents work schedules. This can bring some limited days with client calls and booked sessions. So it is important to ONLY book for face to face readings with me on the allotted days and times specified in my Carolyn Clairvoyant Services.

Other services can be purchased such as text readings, email questions with specific times made with Skype. Phone and Facebook Facetime calls. (you may not fancy playschool playing in the background and the babes hanging over my shoulder to give you their rendition of Frozen, Twinkle Little Star or their squabbles over toys) However, working together we can run smoothly in delivering your reading when you want and which manner you need or prefer. So, please feel free to contact me before purchasing if you wish to know my availability.

I offer an array of consultations and on several high profile media sites. This also can create an issue with being on time with my deliveries on some days. I have several extensions of my work through Etsy and Fiverr. So there can be days I am seeing worldwide orders come through to be delivered in very quick turnarounds.

This can be a larger than usual time of trying to alternate deliveries. Especially, if I have already engaged in travel commitments to facilitate several days of face to face bookings. ie Dubbo NSW bookings were from the 15th - 17th of July 2020 and throughout the 3 days, almost 50 consultations took place. I also had over 36 online orders to complete.

This means in peak times my energy is focused on accomodating not only my face to face clients but still upholding my online orders. All of which can be a juggling act especially as each of you are important and your reasons for readings are fully respected to have the dedication and time to honour each one no matter how large or small.

Over the coming weeks, you will begin to some changes both on my site and my ordering systems. You may see a variation in delivery times with the explanation I am booked with travel and face to face clients obligations - so you are aware that in placing an order you are aware of my schedule more so and my access to delivery of online orders.

I really appreciate my path with spirit and your connection - which has been the driving force for my work over the past 30 years. Your faith in me and my work gives me faith in knowing together we can find solutions that suit us when booking and purchasing readings.

So, in this time of many changes, whilst I am juggling Nana duties and still running a fulltime business - I wish to say thank you for your patience. Thank you for your understanding and accommodating to my life. Your presence in mine is precious and its an honour to connect with you all.


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