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What’s Happening For August 2020

Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping happy, healthy and safe. Now, let’s take a look at August 2020 numerically speaking.

August is a gutsy month in which, you will find the urge and determination if not sheer willpower to make anything happen.

Your ability to tackle problems head on, to make headway on plans most importantly, to gain the support you need to make anything possible. Can all be possible under the banner of August’s vibration. August the 8th month which numerically adds to 8 - has the sturdy influence of the planet Saturn rule by the number 8 - the planet of seriously let’s get down to business and don’t filly folly about.

The no frills Saturn vibration will bring order, organisation and structure. A bit like the fatherly universal planet giving you a strict guideline in which to help you to succeed. You desire to enrich your life with monetary goals, career ambitions and in some cases parental plans and obligations.

August rules government and that which governs rules, regulations, court proceedings, legal and judicial matters. Because, its all about law and order! Putting solid steps in place in which, to create the support network that governs structure and change. Oh, don’t worry cranky pants (Saturn the somber planet of seriousness) can be a little over bearing and controlling - but its all in the nature of bringing around a revolution of change.

So, you may see dealings with all levels of government more prominent, perhaps even dealings with banks and institutions/trade and stocks connected to money more so, in the spotlight. No stone left unturned as the tidal wave or economic book keeping needs to be accurate and accountable. This is about business, trade, government obligations and new accountability as the necessity of furthering support on all levels.

New bills possibly pass, new outlines and regulations, new protocols and without a doubt many changes in government or major holdings continue to manifest through new laws. Because, this is all about accumulating power - flexing muscles and demanding in some manner that one shall abide to the rules if one is to make progress.

Therefore, in a nutshell there will be some fireworks and drama - but as the system gets a worldly overhaul - we will see more change and more accountability rein.

Now, for the average joe, you and me - this could signal a time of advancement. You have more backing you than ever before to make headway in areas that promote supporting your income. This may come through loans, financial opportunities, business and new restructure in the employment and work place.

This is a time in which, you may see construction, building, and other strong industries beginning to boost. Some may purchase a home, finally see insurance matters settled, utilise income support systems such as taxation, retirement funds, superannuation for example. You may apply for loans, sign contracts or complete necessary procedural obligations. There is more options available throughout this time, funding for education, institutions, and economic services to advance future monetary growth, which in turn, gives something back to system of order.

You may see a time in which, males in your life become more prominent such as father figure, partner, child or male relative. This may be connected to a level of support which may be important through or involving this person.

The ability to gain a promotion, become a leading authority in a project or oversee industrious change could influence career matters. There is more opportunity to gain the results you require through diligence, procedure and realistic evaluation. Your mind is focused on facts and viability. This may also be an excellent time to boost business, overhaul productive changes and increase monetary investments.

Education, training and other resourceful modalities will encourage greater options in which to obtain future success may also be to your liking. See, as much as this month may feel a little restricted in some ways it really is setting up future opportunities that will be of greater benefit to those who are looking towards long term goals and manifesting the type of outcome that will support for years to come.

If, we were to look at health. Then 8 would represent the 8th house of Scorpio astrology which rules the reproductive organs, bladder, gall, colon and rectum, it can also govern sexuality and personal identity and hidden disease in areas that may already be affected with sensitivities or problems. . However, given that Saturn has a strong influence lets throw into the mix, bones, joints and teeth could all axasperate some issues and need attention.

Therefore, August can bring some tremendous support and commitment through dedicated precision to get the job done properly. You know what your plans may be, the August vibration illuminates exactly what it will take to manifest the outcomes you desire to manifest.

This month gives you the tenacity, determination, will power and ambition to reach the level of success you deem is possible. Your ability to strategically mastermind the necessary foundations, find the avenues in which, to stabilise your monetary future and advance you personal development all courses of support which, will be available to you.

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