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Your Year Aries for 2021


Your focus for 2021 is on creating change for the better which, you will spend the better part of the first eight months to achieve. This will manifest through areas in which you begin to re-assess the true purpose of that which is important to move forward. Expect July through to August and again in November 2021 to be significant months of transition. You may see this as loosening the reins, changing your life to better accomodate circumstances or moving from a stagnant phase into a more comfortable time of change.


The home and family will invite in new opportunities through a change in residence, family dynamics or other aspects to help improve your lifestyle. April, May, July through to November 2021 highlight many prospective months of contemplation and transformation within the home life.

You will be more inclined to spend time around your neighbourhood, spending time creating the perfect living space and watching your spending on non essentials. You see this as a chance to step through plans, lighten the load or pressure by spending time with those who give you joy and laughter.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will encourage a transition. You sense this is the perfect time for change, to embrace the next level of personal goals and in doing so you will need to let go of something to gain something more.

This change will see you moving from one career path into another or possibly contemplating such especially around the early parts of 2021 such as February and March. However it may take time before everything will be perfectly aligned therefore September through to November 2021 could see you completing a cycle of finalising some of those changes.

You see this as a chance to improve your mental, physical or emotional health. You may be drawn to areas in which to oversee, give guidance or work amongst programs which highlight health and betterment or awareness. You really will focus on what brings you personal happiness and peace and how best to manifest this through your ambitions.


Money appears to come through sorting out your finances and possibly a secret stash. However, February and March 2021 show that you will not be broadcasting your incomes or flashing around your money so as to ensure you get the best deals or what may be on offer throughout the year.

You are conscious of that which you need and therefore by not declaring everything ensures you gain and benefit from financial assistance, aide, pensions or other deals struck to ensure you are progressing ahead financially without losing what you already may have.

In saying this, as you are focusing much on your own betterment. Money acquired or spent may be connected to health matters or care of someone. This may include insurances, discussions and deals around health facilities or matters which you may be wise to ensure you keep abreast of especially if you have a essential health concern or prolonged expenses


Health and betterment will thrive through the changes you will undergo. This will start as soon as March 2021 and continue through to progressive results in June. However you are not limited to just three month as you will take the initiative to create another level of health adjustments no later than September through to November 2021.

As you find yourself accepting its time to source up your betterment. You could see this as a transformation in your body, better aligning your mental and emotional self to gain results that show a physical change. This could include cosmetic, dental or other surgeries however it may just be that you decide the new you is deceived from positive changes you employ in your day to day life to be a healthier well rounded individual.


Relationships throughout 2021 will focus on friendships and introducing new people into your life. This may come through a succession of planned changes you make in the first part of 2021. However, you are working hard on your psychological and emotional self throughout this year and you are bound to see ways in which to introduce your new found confidence through your interactions.

Aries, if you have taken to bouts of jealousy, infatuation or comparing your life to others. This year will reveal a very strong reality that your life is made just for you if you are willing to invest into what makes you happy. No matter what you feel others may have or appear to project. It will not necessarily be right for you. What you want is to be more content with the life you have. Therefore if you see May and June 2021 bringing up a few problems with your personal life you may need to reflect on whether you are feeling a little envious over someone or something you may feel is missing from your life.

Relationships will be relatively wholesome with the added twist of opening to new experiences through introducing new people into your life. So, this year could be strongly linked to commitments that are ready to be made. This may include planning a family, adding to the family, settling down to a more serious relationship or celebrating an important milestone commemorating the love and support you choose to surround yourself with.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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