” We are all gifted, we are all borne from spirit”


A heartfelt book filled with messages and guidance bringing the connection between those we love on earth and those we miss in heaven.


This book is filled with 70 truly amazing readings, pictures and validation, laughter, tears and hope. They really do watch over us!

Share and read their stories and reactions to messages from beyond.


As a natural born clairvoyant who discovered their gift
unfolding before them during their teens. For over 35 years I have embraced my path with spirit and learned to trust that which I have been given.


I sway between clairvoyance and empath. I often gain  sensory impressions through my own body and its  relationship to the energetic vibration that surround a  person, object or impression. My passion for tarot has enabled me to grow and deliver in ways that are unique to many.


Books ordered through my website  will be personally signed before posting

Messages and Beyond

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