I am the author of Understanding Numerology 


*expect delivery to take upto 3 to 5 days in high peak times and work obligations.*

Discover a predictive reading done through my very own numerology NO PROGRAM generated report - You receive a MP3 recording (electronic recording uploaded for you to down load ) or PDF or DOC attachment covering the very area of your concern 

I will give you a reading on what are your current circumstances, parts of your personality and future events or influences.

You can ask when is the perfect time for relationships, abundance, health, travel, family, career or you can let me give you what spirit brings forth for you to focus on right now.

My readings are my own knowledge and work and answered with precision and honesty. Its amazing what can be revealed. Giving you a chance to bring more productivity into your life and daily happenings.

Are you compatible? what house suits you? what does your name reveal about you? 

Readings Available : ONCE you purchase you will be contacted to include any additional information needed for your report. You may include a photo, name or just your question or request however please include the BIRTHDATE so that your reading can be processed quickly.

* 1 question reading - ask your most pressing question.

Single Question Numerology Reading

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