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THEN, NOW & FUTURE DECK - free postage registered post*

56 beautifully designed cards which relate to the all aspects of your daily journey, influences or future predictions.

The Then, Now & Future Deck is specifically designed to give a direct answer. Choose to pull one card or several to find the best overview of circumstances or relevant matters.

Each card includes a Heading and detailed information about what the card may entail or influence when drawn.

Ie the card “CONFIDENCE”

“Stay true to your self-assurance, confidence and self-worth.

You are attracting that which you need to be strong and internally happy”

Ie the card “DELAYS”

“Not everything will go according to plan or a time specified.

This is not to say matters will no longer commence. Instead everything will resume at a more favourable time in the near future”

The cards have a specific influence be this subconsciously dealt or drawn each message or information relates to aspects of the THEN, NOW & FUTURE.

Personally designed and created by Carolyn Clairvoyant.

Then, Now & Future Deck

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