What's your purpose? What do you need to work more to accomplish or better understand? Where is your life path in this lifetime taking you? Are you always repeating the same cycles without moving forward?


The soul's purpose reading gives you answers to past life experiences that contribute to the lessons and growth to assist you in this lifetime. Perceptions affecting love, money, career, health, home and lifestyle choices.


These readings are from my new Soul's Purpose Deck. Repetative cycles ? Focsed fears or anxieties? Looking for a correlation between what may have been experienced in a previous life and colud be impacting this life journey.


This reading depicts an area of influence in which you will find a strong identification or recognition to the Soul's Journey. The reading will illuminate a past life experience that could contribute to your immediate issues. You may even discover a correlation between what draws you in yourl ife decisions, habits and beleifs in this lifetime .This reading is designed to give you an insight into your life lessons, journey and growth of your soul agreements before entering this earth plane and that which will influence your souls journey to be understand.


This reading will focus one ONE area - so please be specific in that you wish to better understand or discover.  love, money, career, health, home and lifestyle choices




Your Soul's Purpose

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