Sagittarius 2020
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What does 2020 hold for Sagittarius

This year will focus on gaining perspective on areas in which you deem to bring you the biggest of changes. This will occur around rectifying the home, unresolved issues with goals and past or previous decisions you have made around your own emotional betterment. 

You will be highly sensitive, compassionate and understanding of what needs to happen to regain order or stability. You may even consider this a time in which you realise some aspects of your life were and are out of your control. Now, you must learn to trust that you are to undertake a new role or path in which to motivate positive changes into your life.

You may find June and July 2020 bring many reflections around the family, career, business and financial matters. You could see many changes happening in which you will be of great support to others in this time of transition. However, this is because you will find your ability to find the right words, problem-solve or encouragement brings settling to yourself and others in a time of unpredictability.

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 shows a change of path or new interests. You may feel you are ready to abandon ship and look for something new and stimulating or bolstering your goals and ambitions to open new doors towards success. This may take you on more than one journey as you open your mind and energy to seeing what can be possible. 

This will favour you greatly as you explore what you feel is more suited to your own personality You could see this as a time of needing to be more organised or settled in which to get through all of which you plan. However, to your surprise, you will adapt with newfound confidence to opportunities that present through new platforms, collaborations or partnerships. This year you are passionate to follow your heart and accomplish the changes needed to transform your career into being stable and supportive.

Monetary matters could still give you some testing moments concerning home or personal expenses but you will find your anxieties unfounded as the year unfolds. There is a pressure to moderate spending and build upon your savings. You could see this as a time of settling any old accounts and making way for new abundant resources or incomes. 

You may be uncertain of commitments or decisions over dealings especially around financial markets, investments, retail or business around February 2020 however, you will see a strong time of support arriving to enable you to remedy any concerns. You may enter secret negotiations or deals to find an alternative source of income (insurance, benefits, refinance, gifts or inheritance) to help smooth matters over and through the spring of 2020

Take extra care of your health especially from around the Summer of 2020 as you may strongly focus on the healthier more improved lifestyle you want. This may create some issues with hormones, genetics, physical tension or even physical appearance. Although you may see some sensitivities appear, the overall results could be that you leave old habits behind to focus on a better you. 

You can not rush your progress but, you may feel you have no choice but to take the initiative to hydrate your body with good foods, energy and positive outlets for expression such as physical exercise or surrounding yourself with a healthy environment that supports your betterment.

Relationships show you find deep emotional love and appreciation for those in your life especially mid-2020. You may see this as a time of opening your self to bigger commitments, entering into a new relationship or reviving one. You will be able to better ascertain what needs to keep a happy harmonious connection that will support your long term desires of a partner. 

You may be supporting someone you love or that person may be your support, either way together, you will share a momentous year of personal freedom without limitations to put time into quality relationships, friendships and personal growth.

This year offers change and accepting change as a new adventure or opportunity to flourish. You will overcome any doubts as you build your confidence and focus on what you can accomplish in the short term to balance out what you desire in the future. You will have many blessings throughout 2020, some may feel bittersweet, however, you will restore your faith in family, home, career and personal transformations opening a new fresh start in which to grow and thrive more passionately.

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