Sagittarius 2022
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This year is the year of staying flexible and allowing yourself to go with the flow as nothing will be exactly as you plan. You will find changes happen as soon as you walk in to 2022 with some of this requiring you to make major adjustments in your lifestyle and goals.


Although you may have made a big change in previous years this year is about supporting opportunities which could come outside your usual scope for focus. You may have additional pressure around the home and family which may impede on your usual free time or other obligations.


What ever this year brings it will require patience and flexibility in which to be able to work your way through that which will demand a lot more energy than usual. Therefore you will find the month of February 2022 along with July September and October 2022 Greatly influence your decision making and possible outcomes.


You could find great confidence once you accept that this year will not run completely to plan but instead may give you greater opportunity in which to be able to accomplish that which you may have thought was not possible earlier in 2022 but somehow falls into place by the end of the year.


Career and goals


This year you may find a few inconsistencies around your work or goal situations. March and April 2022 could bring into focus areas of uncertainty or change which may require your attention to follow-up , re-evaluate or push forward to see what can be accomplished or solved.


You will protect what you have especially when it comes to income and your work values as you stand your ground. You will pull on past experience and with greater wisdom find solutions to propel forward. You know that you have what it takes to successfully gain the results that you Invision to be truly possible.


You could find this a time in which you are re-focusing your energy on making more supportive career choices . For some a career change and for others a revelation on how to make the most of the current path. Whatever the personal influence this could give you the confidence to follow through on commitments especially between the times of May through to October 2022.


Your desire to express yourself in the best light or in the best possible way could be the driving force behind that which you will find a successful and competent outcome to suit your circumstance.




This year you spend time supporting your income and protecting your financial interests. You could see this vibration more around the time of spring and summer of 2022.


However you have a brilliant light shining over manifesting or attracting financial reward especially over the summer months which may mean that what ever you put into place in the spring of 2022 pays dividends in the time of summer 2022 and the beginning of 2023.


You will find quick thinking and logical solutions enable you to commit confidently around shared resources or long-term supportive income and investments. You have a finger on the pulse and therefore you will focus solely on  Manifesting the right financial resources and deals in which to be able to support your long term goals.


Health and well-being


This year will bring a strong focus around the energy connected to the subconscious thinking and how you associate with your environment and those within that circle.


You will see this as a chance in which to be able to work on a more stable nervous system. This could give you the chance to find ways in which to overcome nervous energy and find workable solutions especially between February and July 2022 when you will be more sensitive.


May and June 2022 could bring up a few issues around sibling or family health. More support or advice could be significant especially around July 2022 however this may be no reason for real concern as any health issues which do appear would already be there.


September and October 2022 could bring some sensitivity around areas connected to the hips thighs and sciatica and often affect the lower back. You may need to take extra care when lifting or overexerting throughout this period of time.




The art to keeping love harmonious will come down to how flexible you are willing to be especially, as you enter this year focusing on friendships and personal connections.


February 2022 could lead you to question Your value and understanding where friendships are concerned. You may be uncertain about how you feel or how you feel others may perceive you.


You could see this as a time of looking to have a greater range in your social contact and this may be why you are questioning your own views on how others may perceive you.


For those that are single and looking this year may not bring you the exact opportunity at the right time as it appears everything is a little topsy-turvy. It’s not to say you will not find romance however it may come at the most impossible time or when you least expect.


You could see romance or potential opportunities happen more around May through to November 2022. However because there is so much happening you may find yourself looking around friendships or part time or casual connections rather than full commitment romance.


For those that are settled and in Committed relationships, this year will require many discussions and openness to confidently put plans and goals into place. You may feel tempted to rush rather than walk through problem-solving. You could find certain plans or obligations require adjusting or a full rethink especially around April May 2022 and October and November 2022.


However, 2022 is full of surprises around matters of the heart. So, the more open you are to letting go of the old ways and allowing new and positive ways to enter - then your personal relationships will flourish and improve this year.