Scorpio 2020
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What does 2020 hold for Scorpio

This year will focus on innovative ideas, following your dreams and working on family or personal values. You may start the year with a few challenging moments however, by the mid of 2020 through to December you will see an abundance of changes which bring you the lifestyle you are wishing to acquire.

You will need to be practical with your planning as you could rush a few decisions placing unnecessary pressure on yourself. You may juggle your time and energy to make good on your goals and ambitions. All this multi tasking will bring you positive rewards however, just take your time to do it right the first time is the key!

This is a year of wishing coming true, harmonious partnerships and re- assessing what you feel confident in pursuing. You are wise to listen to your gut feelings along the way, even if you feel anxious or doubt your capabilities remember, you are making a change for the better and with change comes letting go of the old ways.

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 will require patience and perseverance. Although a rewarding time will manifest mid of 2020 you will need to remember to respect the road you take will need time to accomplish. No short cuts or you may find yourself back to square one.

You will have support further afield - opening your doors to career or ambitious goals that may test your ability to adapt. You will be forced to make practical and sensible decisions to build the platform of stability you want. The good news is you will have the independence and network to support your heftiest dreams - so take it in your stride and let what will be happen especially around November 2020.

Monetary matters will require a restructure as you make changes to ensure no more waste or financial burdens. This could imply a time focusing on considering what will bring in better incomes or resourcefulness to support your needs. You may find an unexpected anxiety or frustration arises around February/March 2020 which sets the stage for talks and agreements in which to get finances back on track.

You are in two minds about your financial goals. You know you are not completely happy with matters but you could rush into commitments searching for a better deal only to find it may not be all that advantageous. So, where possible around the mid of 2020 have patience and let your monetary goals come to fruition. You will be wise to research all aspects, covering all the facts or basis of finances especially if signing contracts or entering into financial agreements. 

Take extra care of your health especially from March, April, September and October 2020. You are prone to sensitivities around the skin, blood, kidneys, bladder and adrenals. You may find yourself unexpectedly fighting small infections or irritations which could arise out of nowhere

Relationships may take a new step into focusing on long term commitments which, can also include a choice to put your career before your personal life. There is a need for life to be more stable, a desire to be comfortable and settled. This could involve a sudden decision to marry, have a family or move into a more conducive relationship that suits your lifestyle,

You are taking the lead with your partnerships or relationship areas and nothing short of what you believe is needed to keep you happy will do. Therefore, when you make a relationship a priority you want the commitment and long term results to follow. 

This year offers stability, support and being in control. All the things that will make your heart sing. You will find time management and overcoming tedious frustration or impatience to support your personal goals and happiness is paramount especially as you welcome in an ambitious year of new experiences and accomplishments.

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