Scorpio 2022
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This year brings a highlight over patience and letting go of that which you find is not working in your favour. You have every opportunity in which to be able to let go of anxieties and enable yourself to find more favourable ways in which to be able to achieve your dreams and aspirations.


2022 highlights aspects around your creative energy and manifesting positively around incomes and career path. Although not limited to this you shall see this as a time favourable for agreements manifesting through contracts or deals giving you a positive return on your energy


Your sensitivity as you’ve walked into 2022 tells you that you’ve done this all before but this time you are going to achieve that which you hope to see through to fruition manifest as the year unfolds especially between the times of February and March 2022 and October 2022.


This year brings a chance in which to prioritise opportunities that you have been thinking about and motivate yourself in which to bring in a healthier and more prospective time that will support your emotional betterment and personal happiness


Home and family


This year you could spend the first six months motivating lots of changes around the home and the family dynamics. You could start several projects in this time and feel as though you’re not really accomplishing much as Everything feels like it is slowing down.


However June and July 2022 give you a chance in which to be able to bring a strong time of collaborative effort both financially and through the help of others to be able to achieve that which you may have felt was delayed due to not having the right support.


You may see this as your chance in which to let go of particular financial obligations or perhaps expanding and opening up the home and family dynamics to welcome positive changes especially between the times of August and September 2022.


This year enables you a greater sense of freedom through opportunities both near and far allowing you a chance in which to fulfil some of the goals you have set to achieve. 


For some, this could mean you will travel extensively or pick that perfect holiday place. For others there is a chance in which you may be welcoming or placing a strong emphasis on changes in the home which could include a new home, Renovations or potential investment opportunities.


Career and goals


This year brings a celebration of good opportunities and positive outcomes. You feel settled with the knowledge that your long-term goals and reputation brings you attention and support to flourish and achieve that which I believe is possible


December 2021 could already open the door however January and February 2022 along with June July and August 2022 see significant influences around contracts and agreements which will favour your next level of goals and plans


Your desire to have better financial freedom will bring you opportunity to make clear and precise decisions around areas you wish to expand and this may include more education and training or adding to bringing in alliances and partnerships or gaining grants and financial benefits in which to be able to successfully move forward and grow


As legal contracts and agreements will be very significant especially around October 2022 it is not to say that you may not encounter areas in which your focus will be important when entering into alliances or partnerships connected to contracts or legalities which are there to favour and support you.


Therefore 2022 enables you a chance in which to propel forward and initiate prosperity and exceptional results throughout the year whilst accomplishing that which you feel deeply satisfying




This year offers you a chance of financial freedom and you may see this as soon as you work into the first eight months of 2022. You will make inroads with loans or applications which will bring you the support you desire and opportunity you need to be more material or financially stable.


Some of your decision-making will hinge on choices you make in connection to your home which could include investment or financial benefits through decision-making connecting home and family dynamics.


However for a majority you will see this come through financial deals surrounding career or business and doorways that will open will give you a very productive start in which to be able to benefit in the long-term around financial aspirations.


You may see a time of celebration around family and spend money connected to trips or adventures which will sweeten the deal especially in the spring and summer months.


Don’t lose motivation or get caught up in anxieties or worry too deeply about your financial structure as 2022 delivers exceptional prosperity through your clear and concise decision-making but also the deals that you will strike and the benefits that you will receive through the agreements that you will make.


Health and well-being


This year a majority of your health areas may only come through contribution such as mental exhaustion or overthinking and worry. However because you are sensitive you may find February and March 2022 focus is more on the head, Eyes ears and nose and upper jaw.


 You may Intuitively know what it is that you need to do however just be careful not to over exasperate your mental energy leading to headaches or problems with the eyes and sinus.


August and September 2022 could bring a focus on your throat and neck area along with intestinal or digestive issues possibly ruling around the lower pelvic and bowel. 


As quickly as you may find yourself moving through nervous tension or concern your health and well-being will be handled in a way in which you have confidence or reassurance that you are on the right track




This year favours personal happiness with a very rewarding time around marriage or business partners however this also signifies feeling connected to others who shine and support you


A very busy year connected to social connections and invitations which could indicate marriages or engagements or special events bring a hive of activity around meeting people and welcoming new people into your life.


For those that are single and looking this is the perfect year to actually meet the perfect partner. You could find yourself very much attracted to somebody who has the same values as yourself.


 Although this vibration governs the whole of 2022 April and May along with October 2022 highlight a very strong time around romantic intentions.


For those settled or in committed relationships this year promises to support strong values in which you may enter long-term agreements. As this year does favour relationships if you have been waiting to settle an outstanding relationship matter before you could finally commit to the next level of your plans then expect this year to bring a harmonious outcome in result.


As 2022 gives you a chance in which to be able to manifest positive and rewarding energy around romantic and personal relationships, this will be music to the ears of those Who have patiently waited for this opportunity to come around.


Love and relationships will bring an emotional time of great comfort and happiness coupled by confidence in being more settled in that which you will invest more readily to see happen.