Virgo 2020

What does 2020 hold for Virgo

This year will focus on reflecting and connecting with the past some of which will favour your personal understanding of who you are and where you are heading throughout this time. Travel, family, friends and places you desire to reconnect or explore will manifest within the first 6 months of 2020.

You will feel it is time to let go of old emotional baggage, allowing life's dramas to take a back seat as you are in no mood or mind to be involved in the chaos. Instead, you are putting your self to the task to enjoy and trust this is time to step out of your confines to open new doors. it is not to say some of the events or situations that bring you to this point were or are easy. However, you will see 2020 as the year to embrace a more abundant and happy attitude.

This is a year of living some of your dreams, creating the opportunity to feel you have a choice on matters such as opening your mind to new people, new places and experiences. All of which you most likely promised yourself years prior you would put on the to-do list. Well, that list is not ready to be worked through. 

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 will bring a very rewarding time of accomplishment. You will find energy in pursuits of education, creative expression and communications. All which open up the latent achiever wishing to excel. This may manifest through new job opportunities in which you create through well-formed skills and knowledge enabling you to focus solely on your craft and that which makes you shine or stand out.

Expect the first two months of 2020 to begin with a resounding impact of positive personal confidence. This will overflow into June, July and August before resurfacing again in December 2020. Your ideas, plans and concepts will bring much attention and support. So, this is your year to not sit back but take your ability to rise up the ladder or make your mark count!

Monetary matters come through wise decisions to leave old spending or old issues behind so as to accept a time of financial advancement. You will spend a majority of 2020 utilising your finances to support new experiences such as travel, or logical and rational steps in which to gain more financial freedom to do what you love.

The chances are you have good luck and positive wealth around investments, deals, offers and some good fortune with bonuses and gifts all possibly giving you the boost to get out of a rut and onto your path sooner. This will transform your own understanding of security and monetary opinions. The way you have felt the money should be made or spent. Key months that stand out for money appear January, June, October and September 2020 however, the flow of incomes or ways to increase assets will govern the majority of the year itself.

Take extra care of your health especially from March and April 2020. Slight issues could arise through impatience or tension. This could affect your sinuses, head, eyes, ears, headaches or inflammatory conditions. You wish to support your healthy lifestyle with changes to diet and everyday living which could add a little pressure on energy levels to accept or condition to such changes. 

Relationships bring many communications, connecting with opportunistic invitations, messages and events. You will find this is a perfect time to be more socially open and not feel as though you need to control your personal life. You feel spontaneous, alive and ready to walk into new experiences especially in May and June 2020. 


This is a year in which you may see yourself truly happy and with a vision of surrounding yourself with exactly you pictured would bring you much happiness. Someone may come back into your life, you may embark on a journey that reconnects you to a happy place or time or you may just find yourself. 

This year offers a chance to discover your inner happiness by giving you the opportunity to clear out old frustrations and make time for you and your desires or wants. You will find many hidden gems and uncover some new understandings which open your mind to letting go of fears and doubts and just getting out there and having some fun! 

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