Virgo 2022

This year you focus on your immediate situation and how to motivate yourself into making positive and more productive changes. You will feel it is time to remove the shackles and find a confidence in following through areas which you believe will bring you the happiness and success that is within reach


You will work towards developing new friendships and opening your social calendar to be more proactive. You will find clarity around relationships and personal associations especially over the new summer. However you spend your time reevaluating your life goals and the end result will show happiness with commitment and success with what you are planning


It is as if you are going through a total metamorphosis and coming out the other side of 2022 as a new person with new directives and ambitions. This may be felt around your career path especially in May and June. However, because you have a strong need for re-associating with life itself it may come through friendships and organisations which are close to your heart.


2022 promises to give you the ability to overcome any personal doubts and to thrive with anticipation of new experiences and adventure.


Career and goals


Expect May and June 2022 to bring you a change in which you may consider opportunities around you. What will flourish or manifest could come through communication or an invitation from somebody in a position to give you something you really want or desire


You will see this year as your chance in which to be able to re-establish yourself and this could even include finishing off training or becoming certified. For some it may be the commencement of education or new training which will re-establish you to undertake a new career path


Whatever it may be, you have the opportunity to successfully direct your energy towards goals which will be well worth the energy to achieve. This will not only bring you the confidence with earning capacity but opportunities in which to be able to see that which is available to you to better support you in the future.


The choices or decisions you make within the first seven weeks of 2022 and also around the time of June and July 2022 will give you the step up that you are seeking and the support to follow through on your goals throughout 2022




Money flourishes in abundance giving you confidence in material areas along with showing you the value of your ability to manifest good financial decisions.


January February June July and August Bring auspicious vibrations and financial accumulation. You will see this through making the right decisions especially around agreements. However it could be a new resource or a new source of income which really typifies the ability to maintain a positive income or financial resource throughout 2022.


Once again the decisions you make will bring happy commitments with plans and goals. The opportunity to be more Proactive socially could also include travel and travel commitments which you will enjoy spending your money.


You could be very surprised with how good luck and good fortune manifest for you throughout this year, and through which opportunity or avenue that it appears



Health and well-being


This year although your health will have a time in which you should have less pressure or worry, you may have a few issues with your joints or in and around arms and shoulders possibly the chest.


This will only be something minor which could indicate having a little stress or strain around the arms or the shoulders possibly around March or April 2022. And this may follow through to May and June 2022 with issues around the knees or joints possibly stress related or something that you get over very quickly.


This year enables you to focus more solidly on that which you are confident to achieve. This enables you to work on areas you wish to make change and live a happier or healthier life.


You may decide to do something such as yoga or exercise which requires you to stretch and breathe. What ever it may be the end result will give you a chance in which to feel that you are in a happier or more content space mentally and physically.




This year enables you to make decisions that better suits your personality and lifestyle. Beautiful surprises and lovely declarations give you a chance to meet people from all different walks of life. This will not only enhance your friendship circle But give you the opportunity in which to be more socially proactive.


For those that are single and looking you may find yourself in the company of somebody who is Exciting and a bit of a mystery. This person could just appear especially over the summer however it does show a very purposeful time of celebration around a connection.


Therefore your social life could bring you into contact with a very fascinating person which could see love blossom over time in 2022


For those that are settled Or in stable relationships, this year encourages travel and excitement. You may focus on developing new experiences through visiting new countries or new places and meeting new people and enjoying different cultures and understanding different diversities


You will find a confidence in opportunities in which to move into a time in which you can celebrate more independence and appreciate the people in your life.


This year gives you the boost in which to see beautiful life changes which lead to great opportunities a wonderful life experiences.