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Beginners Tarot

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*Self-Paced Online Learning - Beginners Tarot Most people avoid tarot because they believe it is too tough to understand. The layout has lengthy passages and implications that may not be clear upon completion. My technique simplifies and clarifies extensive meanings, allowing you to operate more efficiently with your deck. You learn the basis of each card and the key wording in which to interpret each card and its positioning in the reading or layout. You will discover that there are no wrong or correct interpretations. In fact, as your relationship with that card evolves, you may find yourself naturally adopting new ways. However, establishing the fundamentals through my simple learning system will allow you the confidence to improve and expand your knowledge, intuition, and awareness when dealing with the tarot. I've been using tarot for more than 30 years and have discovered that the card meanings are limitless. When evaluating a card, it's critical to evaluate not only its meaning but also the bigger picture provided by the other cards in the deck. I share my years of knowledge and useful advice to create an enjoyable and informative learning experience. This *self-paced online learning allows you to study at your own pace and evaluate your knowledge with quizzes to help you recall and move through the course information efficiently. What Is Included: 7 individual modules make up the Beginner's Tarot. Modules 1 - 5 : Card Definitions, upright and inverted meanings encompass the 78 individual cards broken down into Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Major Arcana. Modules 6 & 7 Basic layouts, interpretation, and reading styles. Basic Quiz after completion on each section. A Reward Badge on completion (optional) Personal Certificate of Completion (download and print) * All self-paced programs are available for 366 days from the time of purchase. *

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