Weekly Tarotscopes
This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant
25th of October  - 31st of October 2020


This week focuses on taking the best steps to gain the best advantage. However, this will also come with some slight risks involved. You may see a great result or offer that propels you forward with one small hitch - it could possibly mean giving up something or sacrificing one for the other. Aries you are working on how to loosen matters up and bring around a more positive outcome. “Cutting  your losses and taking only that which you need”


This week focuses on that which may be creating a few issues. There is a situation that may be confronting, conflictive or just brewing. You may not see the point or reasoning behind what may transpire but none the less temptation may be too great and you may find yourself very much involved. Taurus expect the unexpected when it comes to misjudgement or crossed words. You could need to wait before you pick your battles. 


This week focuses on opening up to new opportunities, new work, improvements around money or better social improvements. You appear to see changes for the better arriving at every turn. This gives you a chance to get involved, be more proactive on shining a light in the areas you have anticipate will be more productive. Gemini this is one very auspicious week bring positive results. 


This week focuses on taking risks and speculating on the outcomes. You may be leaving matters to chance especially when it comes to money or plans. Perhaps you feel a sure bet coming on and therefore you are stacking the odds in your favour. Cancer the only world of warning is not to put all your faith on one person or outcome. You could see your luck better distributed through many opportunities or probable outcomes,  not just one. 


This week focuses on keeping matters light and amicable. You may even see this as a time to plan a holiday or do something fun. You are looking for happy results and positive vibrations to support your need to break the monotony. Leo chances are you are feeling sociable and committed to opening yourself to finding the joy in the life. 

VIRGO - TEN OF CUPS reversed 

This week focuses on settling the affairs of home, money, career and finances. Although it does not rule out the fact you are transitioning many areas of your life and may consider this a good time to change home or leave problematic issues behind you. Virgo you will need to be careful of small arguments or frustrations which could create a great divide between what you want and what may be expected from others if not careful.


This week focuses on overcoming what could feel limiting your energy. You are determined, focused and possibly only seeing situations one sided. This could very well involve others who may not be as open to your ideas or thoughts on matters. Libra you may need to dig a little deeper to find the answers or results your seek. 


This week focuses on major changes and long lasting agreements. This could involve contracts, official talks or entering into a major new phase. You are serious, determined and most of all focused on bringing everything into order. Scorpio as this is not a light week of decision making, you may see this as a turning point in steps you will take concerning future plans and personal happiness. 


This week focuses on priorities and obligations. You will achieve more with a plan than you will with rushing ahead. You may see yourself overwhelmed with chores, expectations or problem solving however, Rome was not built in a day and therefore, patience and better planning will be needed. Sagittarius take the time to break everything down into manageable time lines to better cope 


This week focuses on finding a harmonious balance that is fair and balanced. You may enter talks or agreements which could bring great benefits and fortunate results or just be ready to sign contracts and enter legally binding deals. Capricorn as law, legals and other offical vibrations surround meetings and discussions - ensure you stay focused on keeping things above board. 


This week focuses on sorting out home, finances and plans. You may be preparing for changes and therefore busy settling your affairs to move into the next level of goals. This transition could see you moving between stages of agreements, relocating or even plans surrounding travel. Aquarius you are leaving this week with a great view on where you have been and now where you are heading. 


This week focuses on females and those whom are important to your home, life and personal environment. You could feel super sensitive about matters that you strongly believe in or stand for. This may also bring into effect family matters such as children, pregnancies or maternal feelings. Pisces as this can relate to “mother” influences you could see a link to a mother or maternal influence being a strong focus of your attention. 

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