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Weekly Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant
16th - 22nd of January 2022





This week governs areas concerning betterment and well being, subconscious thinking and discussion around areas connected to health. You could see this as gaining advice or direction and in some cases undergoing tests or procedures. Aries as you will be highly sensitive you may intuitively know what your mind, body or soul needs to be in better alignment.




This week brings agreements and contracts with a possibility of a legal document or something that requires legal action. Although it shows a positive outcome this could see results manifesting from something you have planned to see come to pass. Taurus is an excellent time for acquiring support, financial backing or entering into deals and agreements to benefit you in the near future.




This week brings you options and an opportunity to oversee various areas in which to make decisions concerning the path you wish to follow. It may well be a career, personal decision making over a person or your current lifestyle, finances or well being. Whatever presents Gemini you will be focusing on the pros and cons or what else is available before jumping.




This week you could tidy up areas connected to contracts, sales, real estate or just literally do a spring clean around your home. You are determined to remove anything that is not moving forward with you and this may include changing parts of your lifestyle or personal attitude to match. Cancer you are letting go to make way for new opportunities or changes to flourish.


LEO - THE SUN reversed


This week you feel old issues resurfacing with a focus on the home, family and health. You may not be able to brush matters aside as you may have done so previously. Instead, you will be somewhat forced to fix, face or deal with what is at hand. Leo this is a week of finding workable solutions.




This week brims with celebrations, news and social activities. You could say there is plenty of occasions in which you will be intermingling with people or family enjoying some event or festivity. As this week brings news - it may be an announcement such as a wedding, engagement or expecting a new addition. Virgo whatever the reason you will see this as the time of settling into an uplifting and more relaxed time.




This week you feel a little overwhelmed or out of sorts. You could be worried, fixated on a person or issue or just overdoing it, leaving yourself short on time and patience. This is one time you will need to find some stability in how you allow situations, events or others to affect you. Libra this week could feel a little out of control in more ways than one.




This week you will strive to find ways to be more independent or self-reliant However it may come after you have gone through a few mixed emotions and doubts over whether you can. This week will show you how to divide and maintain your goals whilst still giving you room to move. Scorpio stays in the flow and look at what gives you the right foundations to support your next step.




This week you spend looking over your priorities with the aim to put goals into place one by one. You may see this as the beginning of a long list of jobs or plans you are working toward accomplishing. Now is the time to put those steps in place with first things first. Sagittarius this week gets the ball rolling as you initiate stepping into the next level with decision making and manifesting results.




This week you may feel everything is moving at a slower or snail pace. It appears you have a few delays around plans and indicating the type of changes you want. But in say this you may spend time working on areas which you have put off for some time in hopes of finalising or finishing that outstanding work. Capricorn patience is the key to success this week.




This week you find love and attention floating through your day to day interactions. You spend time in the company of those you love whilst doing something you really enjoy. If you are single then love may happen or blossom in the most amazing ways. But regardless of your relationship status this week Aquarius you find yourself highly aware of your emotions and the support you have for that which you are passionate about.




This week you could find yourself feeling a little like everything is needing more focus. You may feel something you are neglecting needs more attention or perhaps you need to put time into being more productive with your plans and goals. Pisces this is the best week to adopt a new attitude or today up areas of your life that may need help to bring back into alignment.


As most would realise I am not able to log into my personal facebook account. This breach happened the 10th of November which has left my business accounts both on Facebook and Instagram - now What’s App inaccessible. This not only deeply upsetting for a brand I spent over 10 years building but the fact that Facebook charged my accounts - taking money for adds i had not submitted.


The last ad i would have ever ran would have been in 2012 maybe 2015 if that and due to being costly the ads brought no new client or work my way. So useless in a sense. BUT, facebook deducted money from my account. Then to add salt to the wound I have no access to my business accounts - becuase my account is in review For a video of a sexual nature I did not post. So, technically who posted the ads?


My facebook account like thousands of others had been compromised. Like thousands of others, we are penalised and locked out of our facebooks accounts for nothing we have done but through a compromised flaw in the facebook security. The level of corrupt accounts - identity theft and other swindlers and scams is very ripe. However, with such a multi billion dollar company that buys Instagram, and Whats App and not to mention holds the majority of social media outlets. “The ability to sustain safe accounts and environments for patrons is lacking. However, people like myself that have only used our accounts for business or for family and social means are penalised losing all ability to connect.


The two step authentication - not only works for you - it gives #Meta aka #Facebook the ability to wipe out everything connected to that process in one foul swoop. Businesses which use Facebook and promote through to Instagram - you are at the mercy of what I am experiencing. Losing your branded account because of no fault of your own.


I am still waiting on an assessment Since pricing my ID and going through the steps (10th of November 2021) with not ability to connect and talk to someone or even have the ability to access messenger, instagram or what’s app due to the full blockout system.