Weekly Tarotscopes
This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant
9th of August - 15th of August 2020


This week you focus on your skills, talents and abilities in which to bring you the attention, services and help you require to manifest your goals. You see this as a time to shine brightly knowing others support or back you completely. Some, Aries may find this is about seeking the advice, guidance or similar through a professional or specialist areas - bringing positive and supportive results. 


This week you are sensitive, highly alert and focusing on your thoughts, family and belief systems. You may feel as though you are so highly tuned in that you literally can't seem to avoid knowing what others are thinking, feeling or enacting. Taurus only one issue that could make it difficult is you may be confused about what is real and that which is not - it's like everything may feel a little overwhelming. 


This week you take the more sedate path in which to make the necessary compromises or accomodating changes as they happen. You prepare for what can be a temporary influence of setbacks and filling in for areas which need your attention or assistance. Gemini its all about patience and working your way through a very differently energised week.


This week you see this as a chance to seek, administer and give worthwhile help and aide to others. However, this maybe you are also the one receiving some wise words and direction. This is exceptional for career advancements, dealing with law or even seeking medical advice. Cancer what you need will be provided.

LEO - THE FOOL reversed

This week the more cautious you are the better it will be. You may not trust everything you read or see because your inner consciousness says - it's not what it appears so recheck facts again. You may need to look over your finances, purchases or even agreements to ensure everything is correct. Leo just practises patience and trust your instincts when it comes to dealings. 

VIRGO - THE SUN reversed​

This week some old issues appear to be resurfacing and no matter what you will need to deal with some of these issues head-on.  You may see that you are better equipped to work on problem-solving as you are aware of the deeper issues. So, Virgo, there is light at the end of the tunnel it just may take a bit more energy to get everything into place or order in the meantime. 


This week you prepare for a completely new change. This could come in career, home, resources or personal areas. This can be exciting but also a time of personal transition that may take time to adjust. Libra finally that which has been in a holding pattern may very well be ready to move ahead.


This week you can assume nothing will go according to plan as you find yourself feeling fickle and uncertain. One minute you love the idea, the next you are changeable and reconsidering your choices or those involved. Scorpio it's a testy time of looking at what or who is standing in the way of what you truly desire to see manifest.


This week you may easily give into personal fears or uncertainties. You may question your motives or that of others. You may see this as a topsy turvy time all up. However, Sagittarius with all this mixed energy happening you may just realise that nothing is holding you back - or stopping you from what you desire except you ." overthinking what could be instead of focusing on what can be possible."


This week to be wise and take the lead is what will be encouraged as you work on ways to promote your leadership and authority in that which you believe can be achieved. You may take on promotion, new work or just step into a position in which others look to you for guidance and reassurance. Capricorn you are empowered to lead the way.


This week a strong and very momentous time of personal reflections.  This could see you revisiting people, places or significant situations that impact your current circumstances. this may give you peace of mind or even a sense of reconnecting to situations or matters that you need to be at peace. Aquarius retracing and embracing that which may have changed but what may need to be accepted for future progression. 


This week deal with different organisations, committees or groups which could have a bearing on your need for help or assistance in a particular matter. You appear to be more sensitive to causes, betterment and health and of course your own inner faith and beliefs.  Pisces you may have some blessings coming from those in high places.​

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