Weekly Tarotscopes
This weeks Tarotscopes with Carolyn Clairvoyant
17th of November - 23rd  of November 2019

ARIES- The High Priestess

This week brings a focus on the health and betterment, subconscious thoughts and deep secrets. Matters you do not wish to discuss with others but hold close to your own perspective of how life may functions or be. This could be a time in which you source advice, direction or even counsel on matters of importance. Aries, you are intuitive, sensitive and aware listen to what is helping you grow, heal and explore areas of your life and betterment.


This week you are frustrated and exhausted by little issues that seem to plague your best efforts. The tough part of all this processing is you can not be everything others expect nor can you keep up with your own demands. Taurus, the best-laid plans can change along with home, money and personal goals.


This week many changes surround the home and family. One minute you feel everything is happening, the next you are creating new plans and redirecting your energy. This could mean some disruption in the home or possibly a change of residence or family agreements. Gemini, old issues could impact your feeling of settling if you are caught up in old patterns.


This week meetings and discussion could take a more holistic or faith-based influence. Attending a ceremony, celebrating a special occasion all conjure up reflections and memories. the difference in some of your perceptions is you really want to do the right thing by others or ensure everything is supportive and upright. Cancer, you feel a sense of personal moral and obligation to ensure everything is on the up and up.  

LEO - The Chariot

This week you envision much that can be achieved. The sense of motivation, plans and goals all working in sync and harmony with ambitions and outcomes. You could speak about travel, changes in the daily routines or just take a more proactive stance to accomplish your personal targets. Leo, this is one very active and productive time of change.​

VIRGO - Three of Pentacles

This week brings new stimulation through study, resources and genuine effort. You could see some of your plans begin to manifest results whilst others are still in the works. You may decide this is the perfect time to take a course, accept a new role or strengthen your curiosity for something better. Virgo, you have a busy time ahead, keep a pen and paper and jot down your thoughts and plans. 


This week is up and down and testing your resilience and patience. You may see yourself juggling the many obligations or personal plans as you push toward gaining a better understanding of the next steps or phase in your finances. Libra, the more flexible you are the better you will feel about the choices you make in the coming months.


This week you could find yourself getting lost in the smallest of details or issues. Something is feeling amiss and you may not see eye to eye on your own perceptions let alone anyone else.  this could be a trying and testing time but at what cost. Scorpio, some battles are not worth energy and others make you fight harder to feel on top.


This week working through what is not healthy or productive will be the key. You may return to a time in which you feel obligated and wish you could just say no. You are torn between what you know is right for you and that which drags you back into the web. Sagittarius, a need to look at what you attract and how to break the cycle.


This week ithe challenge is finding the right words, right outcomes and the right decisions without upsetting the applecart. You could find yourself dividing your time and energy in plans, the home or even matters in which you are reconsidering your commitments. Capricorn, some promises are made to be broken. 


This week transformations, new and fresh approaches all bring a time of change. The better you adapt the easier it will be. You may see this as a change in attitude, daily lifestyle or time of working through deep and conflictive situations with a deeper amnd more profound understanding. Aquarius, one thing for sure the living and the dead will combine a time of letting go of the old to enable the new to take hold.


This week you find the need to take care of others strongly influencing your thoughts. This could bring up a maternal or paternal instinct in which you may consider family as an important step or fixture in your life. Pisces, the ability to connect with others on a much deeper level will have profound outcomes. 

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