Monthly Written Tarotscopes


This month Aries your true goal is to be more organised and to have everything into place. Your will re-assess your career, incomes and obligations to ensure everything supports and sustains your needs. This will not be a fast paced month but you will make great strides. Aries, you are very detailed oriented, you expect much and may find yourself becoming more critical of changes you need to employ to get ahead.


This month Taurus you begin to see headway in decisions, choices and outcome in which to improve your current circumstances. This will entail trusting plans and opportunities which may take time to manifest however, with this said, you will find the road ahead less cumbersome if you stay on track. Taurus it is time to finish up any outstanding matters to bring you more personal freedom. 


This month Gemini you will see many opportunities to advance yourself. This may come through new agreements, contracts, new education or personal decisions toward progressive changes. You can see the importance in undertaking new goals both professionally and personally. Gemini expect a month filled with plenty of correspondence and communications in which to sort and manifest your ambitions to develop greater outcomes or future opportunities to arrive.


This month Cancer you will find yourself encouraged by the support you muster through others. This may arrive through encouraging words, offers or passionate pursuits in which you behind to see results. You can see that your determination will be rewarded by the effort it takes to see everything come into play. Cancer you may see this as a proud achievement, a supportive new direction in your life or assistance in gaining the help needed to see goals fulfilled.


This month Leo you may feel that you have mounting expenses of appear more cautious about your incomes, finances and other aspects of business. You may feel trepidation or concern over financial matter especially, for the future . You may see of feel this more so, if this revolves around your career, financial incomes or long turn support. Leo you may feel the need to fact find, double check accounts or keep an eye on your credit to ensure everything is above board and secure.


This month Virgo you will look for the best advantage when it comes to offers or proposals which can influence your next steps. You may come to an agreement, look at several alternatives or waver on decisions in which to make a wise choice that serves you best. Virgo, this energy gives you options with many different variables however, once made you may need to accept the results as being set. Therefore, contemplate wisely before reaching your final answer.


This month Libra have your sights on settling and sorting your domestic life. This implies a focus on the home, family and sorting out your financial obligations. You could see yourself delegating some of your plans into workable solutions for the future whilst other more immediate goals will commence in this time of September. Libra, this is a time of organisation, planning and presenting a more structured time with that which influences your home and family needs.

SCORPIO - THE SUN reversed

This month Scorpio it appears old problems may resurface and something you felt was behind you is not and may be resurfacing or reappearing to be once again sorted or dealt with. This could be issues with family, friends or your personal ambitions. Whatever, it may be, it has you in a bit of a spin. Scorpio perhaps this is your chance to meet the issue head on or to find a way to reconcile problematic people or matters. It may not be an easy month but in saying this - there is light at the end of the tunnel with finding a positive resolution or outcome to bring you a sense of hope for the future.  


This month Sagittarius it can feel like a roller coaster of emotions as you deal with the highs and lows of every day dramas. You may feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others or self. This could create a few unsettling moments especially, if you are drawn into a situation that may not be of your making. Sagittarius finding the even keel among the demands and pressures will be difficult. However, if you can try and find the happy medium you will discover the key to getting through this month without feeling a sense of it an “all or nothing” scenario.


This month Capricorn you are motivated with as much energy as you can muster to see your plans, goals and needs met. You may find this a proactive and very busy month which may be including travel or more activity than usual to see everything come into play. Capricorn, your busy energy will bring you many opportunities if you are ready to take the reins and move forward. 


This month Aquarius you view the future with a sense of freedom from current constraints. This may be as you have more freedom over your choices, plans or personal obligations. This is the perfect time to plan a trip, make a move or progress with plans which need your nod of approval. Some may purchase a car or get the wheels in motion for the future. Aquarius you are ready to expand your horizons, expectations and chase your dreams. 


This month Pisces you will be forgiven for feeling you are wasting your time and running in circles. It appears that the more effort you put in the more is costs in time, money and challenges. You may see this as a chance to step back and see what changes you can make to save you from feeling overwhelmed. Pisces you may feel as though you are spending more time fixing issues than getting ahead of them. 

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