Monthly Written Tarotscopes


This month Aries, you find momentum and progress in all that you pursue. The best part is you finally see light at the end of the tunnel on a project or issue that was holding you back. A month that brings better deals, convenient progression in career matters. You will see a marked improvement in finances and personal relationships as you leave any problematic concerns behind you. Aries, you are through the worst of it, now just focus on making the best of it.


This month Taurus, tension brews as you find small inconsistencies with relationships, money or career. The more you attempt to fix a problem the tougher it may become. Some could see a downsizing in job or work areas whilst s others may accept a role or a relationship is redundant and no longer of purpose. The only real catch is the stress over money and how to maintain an income or cover your accounts without creating more problems with those around you. Taurus, you will stress more than you need to however, you are finding it a difficult month to get a clear answer or result right now. 


This month Gemini, there is not enough time in the day or week to get everything you want accomplished. If anything you may find your patience running short and your energy lacking as you face one issue after another. This is not to say you wont accomplish what you set out to achieve however, you may find it takes every ounce of your perseverance and determination to get there. Gemini, the home, family and money will all be on your agenda with busy decisions and schedules all demanding your attention.


This month Cancer, your logical and rational mind could be your saving grace as you conquer some wise decline making and plans. You may feel at times a battle of wills but if you stick to the facts and details you will breeze through each situation. Cancer, you wont feel the need to get caught up in all the emotions instead its about focusing on what is possible with knowledge you are armed with determination and clear sight.

LEO - THE FORTUNE (wheel of fortune)

This month Leo, everything you want or need is within reach. Perfect timing when it comes to money, plans or opportunities you have waited to manifest. You feel this is a momentous time of one great solution revolving and involving another giving you an advantageous and lucky break. Leo, strike whilst the iron is hot, you have Lady Luck on your side and fortunate results can be had.


This month Virgo, you begins to see your finances, plans and goals coming together nicely. Its about the next step, next stage or settling on agreements that enable progression. Money matters see deals struck and budgets or monetary goals easily achieved. if you are waiting on the go ahead on a special project then, expect a positive reply or encouraging news. Virgo, its been a long time coming but, you will feel this month sings results and accomplishments.


This month Libra, the home, family and monetary successes are featured especially when it comes to long term commitments. Purchases, sales, refinancing or even real estate matters all give you the encouragement that goals and personal success is very possible. Libra, you are ensuring your needs and the needs of others will be taken care of as you set down new roots or support those who are ready to make some significant changes - bask in a fortunate and supportive time of personal happiness.


This month Scorpio, its all about taking calculated risks but not gambling or leaving the final outcomes to chance. You may spend many hours pondering of where is your energy best spent, what you should do financially or if you should make changes around your lifestyle that could benefit you in the long term. Scorpio, the only issue seems to be waste, don’t throw money after money or waste time on people or situations that do not appreciate your time and energy.


This month Sagittarius, an issue or problem you truly though was solved could resurface again. You may see this issue as on you want to avoid or ignore however, it may not be possible. Under rumblings within family, relationships, health and betterment all could rise to the surface. For some unexpected news or last minute change of plans could be on the cards. Sagittarius, stay alert and stay flexible is the best way to go.


This month Capricorn, you may not be fully in the loop but, you may have an idea something is taking place in the background. Your curiosity and need to know could see you digging up some information or people to support your cause. Watch for problems with your back Capricorn, you may see a physical sensitivity with back problems or feel others are going behind your back on matters.


This month Aquarius, you can be assured everything you need to know, see or be aware of will be right before your eyes. You my be looking at how to make precise decisions and plans with a eye on the focus. This is an exceptional time to visualise how to problem solve and clear the way so as to have a problem free outcome. Aquarius, it is all about getting through now and the next few months and this is where you have a clear path to see the potential of your choices manifest.


This month Pisces, small irritations, limitations or delays will presser your every move. You could feel as though no matter what you do, something is reminding you there is a restriction or unresolved matter that will require more attention and work to shift or move through. Pisces, this influence won’t last forever but, whilst it does it gives you time to reassess your true intentions so as to be prepared for when matters turn towards normality again.

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