Monthly Written Tarotscopes
OCTOBER  2021 





This month you spend time sorting out your home, finances and goals. You see this as a time of transitioning towards moves which will be relevant to supporting the next level of domestic changes or financial incomes. Although property or home move may be indicated you could just spruce up your current abode. Aries you are moving between where you are to where you wish to be.




This month the stubborn bull could come bursting out as you go toe to toe over a matter important to you. You feel resistance at every turn until a solution can be met. This will not be a easy month however, with a delicate moment of tolerance you may see a very fortunate outcome. Taurus you may struggle to give a little until you know for sure that which you receive is worth it.




This month you can put plans into place knowing you have results to manifest the right outcomes. You see this as backing yourself into a stable and more reliable time especially with finances or new steps around career, home and family. However, this month will focus more on foundations connected to career and money. Gemini you are preparing the way with enthusiastic support. 




This month you will find ways to retain resources, find harmonious agreements or partnerships and maintain balance between your spending and saving. You could see this as helping others however, you might see it as a chance to bring everything into a more stable time of support. Cancer any agreements around buying, selling or refinancing, payouts or financially solutions will be positive. 


LEO - QUEEN OF WANDS reversed 


This month you feel mounting frustration or concern as you try to be more organised or prepared. You may feel that you need more time to complete chores or settle a few domestic of family matters. It may very well be you are trying to better understand the dynamics of changes which could be upon you to make about your home or lifestyle. Leo not everything will go to plan or budget.


VIRGO - THE WORLD reversed 


This month brings to light old issues and problems with a twist! You can now see how best to tackle situation and how best not to repeat the same problems or dramas. You see this as revisiting or retracing important steps or plans with motivating results you may even see everything come together after a small delay. Virgo you will find plenty of alternatives to reaching the same goals - think before you rush. 




This month you will focus more on building the right foundations especially around career, finances and business. You see this as your chance to power ahead and put the steps in place in which to open opportunities now and for the future. You give much energy to connecting to the right resources, people and environments in which to ensure success. Libra you will accomplish much with little effort. 




This month you may feel as though you are going in many directions at once and accomplishing little. This may be that you are finally recognising that you are not moving in a straight line over matters instead skirting around the edges leaving, everything up to chance. You will see problems mount and obstacles in your way resulting in a lack of motivation or everything feeling just too hard to fix. Scorpio rethink your strategy and have patience before setting plans into place - do everything in sequence - first things first.




This month you may need to watch your resources, actions and or words. You could do something that cost you more than you realise through impulsiveness or carelessness. This is your chance to double check information, financial spending or just ensuring all contracts, agreements and insurances to be accurate and up to date. Sagittarius slow down, take your time and think before you speak. 




This month you will focus on health, betterment and i doing time to relax. You see this as your chance get matters into order, not just health but your environments and people whom you bring into your life or mix with routinely. You see this as a chance to be more proactive in finding better solutions and feeling good about decisions. Capricorn this is your chance to re-assess that which works best for you. 




This month you may worry about the opinions or views of others. This may arise when it comes time to make important decisions and others may overly influence your choices or you may feel obligated to appease rather than just do it your own way. Therefore, before asking for advice perhaps listen to your own inner voice which may direct you more clearly without the external pressure and interference from what you believe other expect from you. Aquarius be the best version of you. 




This month you focus on the family, the home and areas in which to cultivate successful opportunities around career and finances. You may benefit from better resources or improved conditions - some may add to the family or make shifts or changes in the home. All of which will bring a more radiant time of personal happiness. Pisces you see positive goals manifest into workable dreams. 

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