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Online Virtual Courses & Classes

"Discovering new interests whilst evolving your senses"

My online virtual courses and classes are designed to start anytime and enjoy anywhere! The beauty of online virtual learning gives you individual one on one attention.


All virtual classes and courses can be run by video call. FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, Team Meet, etc. 


Learn how to work with Tarot in just ONE easy lesson.


You will be amazed at how simple it is to read, set out layouts and accurately work with the tarot.

My course design shows you simplified, easy-to-understand interpretations - enabling you to focus on accuracy, timing, and detailed information when working with tarot.

This course is designed around 25 years of knowledge and working with tarot and specifically my own book and deck set.  


I personally designed Carolyn's Tarot Deck and Tarot Workbook is available for purchase from my online Shop: BOOKS and DECKS.

A PAY by Session online course gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace. Enjoy a one-on-one Skype / Phone, FACETIME, or FaceBook Cam lesson. YES, you can also choose a one-on-one session in person.

I can guarantee you will be thrilled by your very FIRST session as you learn all the techniques, reading styles, and relevant directions to work with your deck and book. 

Cost: $50


Duration: 30-minute sessions 

Check out buy 4 and get 5th lesson FREE


Awareness Mentoring

Learn how to use your gifts, discover your ability to connect and grow through your ability to maintain and understand your inner guidance.

This is a start-anytime session and choose how many or how few sessions you require. 

I have over 30 years of experience working with guides, angels, natural intuition, crystals, pendulums, mediation, and channeling. 

I am happy to give you insight and assist your path. Awareness mentoring your Intuitive Energy to find yourself. 

What you discover could be healing, revealing, and awakening.  Working with me one on one in a virtual classroom of discovery and heightened awareness.

All materials shared and information, lessons, and formats are yours to keep so as to help you expand on your journey. 

This level of guidance opens potential spiritual life coaching towards skills and abilities which can be tools for business and furthering education

Cost: $50

Duration: 30 min

Check out buy 4 and get 5th lesson FREE

Image by Jen Theodore
Learn Numerology

Learn Numerology

Numbers are amazing tools that give you a great insight into personality, life path, influences, and much more.


You can see how a numerical influence can bring positive or challenging vibrations. Numbers can be a fascinating experience.


I wrote a simplified book " Beginners Numerology" to outline the basics of numerology which delve into name numbers, birth numbers, ruling numbers, days, weeks, months, and year numbers. However, there is so much more that you will discover through a one-on-one course.

You can learn the basics of numerology in simple steps giving you the confidence to understand the numerical influences in your daily life.


You can choose to purchase my Beginners Numerology Book,  download the Ebook, or for those already with some background or knowledge in numerology -  just brush up on your skills and learn some new concepts.

This course is open to all levels.

Delivery is online - via video, phone, skype, facetime, duo, Facebook cam 

Cost: $50

Duration: 30-minute Session 

 Check out buy 4 and get 5th lesson FREE


In 2013, I designed Colour Ask. A divination system which correlates to colours and how each colour may influence a particular area of life.


Through this system, I have worked with clients, and taught and shown how colours can be of great significance in our daily life.

We use colour in many ways - some colours promote better vibrations to betterment, enlightenment, joy and manifesting change in environment, lifestyle and personal choices.


Learning the basics can bring a new understanding of the emotions, thoughts and physical presence of colour in your life.


Designed for the beginner to intermediate I teach you the art of colour and what colour influences aspects of life, faith and healing.

Cost: $50

Duration: 30 min


 Buy 4 x 30 Minute Session Get 5th FREE

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