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How To Utilise This Deck - (title name Cosmic Hearts is changeable we have stated this name to identify our deck designs. )


This is an intuitive deck focusing on spiritual understandings and growth. Each of the 36 cards contains a simple meaning which can be interpreted in many ways. This make the deck viable for intuitive readers, because of the wide range of adaptions.


Ie: Karmic Ties Could relate to what hold a person or situation has on the current, future or past influences. It may also instigate solutions or corrections that can be made because of the “Karmic Ties” You grow with your deck and how to work with or utilise its interpretation.


Included in this deck purchase containing the front and back template of the card. The front template can be easily used to add to your collection or create a more personal touch for rebranding and resale. You could extend with a booklet or book as the potential is unlimited. 



Playing Card Size: 63MM x 88MM

38 PDF High Quality Files (includes card back, Blank front )

38 Jpeg High Quality Files (includes card back, blank front)

36 Individual Card Meanings

PDF and Word Doc with the above relevant information including fonts used.

100% copyright on the purchased system and images (art) used. 


Before purchasing : 

*Please read Digital Purchases Important Information  

Contact Us with any enquiries that we can assist with prior to your purchase.



Ready To Go - Cosmic Hearts Oracle Deck

SKU: CHOracle
  • Creative Designs 4 Me believes in 100% transparency. We resell our one of a kind designs with the understanding that you the purchaser will be happy with your purchase. 

    We are happy to discuss anything additional to support your enquiries about our products, designs and information on making your transition from purchasing to downloading. 

    The card sizes are stated and bleed lines have been accounted for with printing. PDF 300pdi files suitable for all printing faciltities and requirements.  We have as a bonus included high quality JPEG files as well to enable additional printing options.

    We are happy to send a TEST card for you to trial for image quality and suitability. 

    However, As you receive the WHOLE digital system in its entirety and could utilise our designs, concepts and from this remake completed systems. We do NOT offer a refund AFTER purchases on Digital Media. 

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