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Designed Ready To Go.... Ready For You To Make Your Own.


This is a 48 card Oracle Deck. You can place your name or website to back card design. This graphic Heart design pictured on the card back and front will not be reproduced - keeping the deck unique to your branding.


The opportunity to purchase a deck design that is perfect for intuitive, oracle or affirmation decks with full copyright. 


Each card has relatable wording and direction enabling the card system to be attractive to simplistic answers or governing energy of situations.


Ie: The most common questions or influences do you see a move happening? or what should I be aware of ? Is Love on my horizon? Will my finances improve? 

Card Pulled example : NEW START

"A chance to start over, or take on a fresh approach to a situation or matter. Consider using this time to develop new plans, and stratergies, as well as to take action for bringing about possible improvements."


The deck could be used in more comprehensive manner such as predictive, delving into past issues or looking towards problem solving and seeking answers through intuitive and card layouts. 


With any system it becomes your own. You find the connection that evolves from how you wish to project the deck. 


This deck is ready for print and can be commercially reporduced and distributed. 


Included when purchasing:


50 300dpi (images) JPEG as shown in the examples

50 PDF High Quality files (includes 48 written cards, one blank card and one back card

100% copyright of this deck design (you brand and own the Oracle Deck to commercially reproduce)


*Please read the Digital Media Purchases Important Information 

Contact Me for more infomation or questions on this purchase. 

Ready to Go - Oracle Deck

SKU: RTGOracle
  • Creative Designs 4 Me believes in 100% transparency. We resell our one of a kind designs with the understanding that you the purchaser will be happy with your purchase. 

    We are happy to discuss anything additional to support your enquiries about our products, designs and information on making your transition from purchasing to downloading. 

    The card sizes are stated and bleed lines have been accounted for with printing. PDF 300pdi files suitable for all printing faciltities and requirements.  We have as a bonus included high quality JPEG files as well to enable additional printing options.

    We are happy to send a TEST card for you to trial for image quality and suitability. 

    However, As you receive the WHOLE digital system in its entirety and could utilise our designs, concepts and from this remake completed systems. We do NOT offer a refund AFTER purchases on Digital Media. 

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