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Updated: Sep 28, 2023


What does this month hold for us all?

Astrologically, this month is associated with the eighth house of the zodiac. Scorpio, the eighth house, represents other people's money or possessions, sex, intimacy, inheritances, wills, and secrets.

Scorpio's influence often brings sudden or expected events or transformational changes that have been developing for some time to the surface. It also triggers developments triggered by changes.

Numerically as a name, October is equivalent to THREE!
O = 6 C = 3 T = 2 O = 6 B = 2 E = 5 R = 9 adds to 33 adds 3 + 3 = 6 breaks down to a single digit = 3.

We now have another influence arising from October's ruling number 3. This number aligns with Jupiter, which rules the ninth house (high education, overseas travel, karma, and ethics) associated with Sagittarius. Jupiter is about ideas, adventure, pushing beyond boundaries, exploring, expanding, and discovering new experiences.

October is the tenth month of the calendar year. The level of leadership, strength, and courage to engage in new activities is enhanced numerically by opening the right opportunities, giving leaders the courage to explore new possibilities. October reveals a fresh approach to what is possible.


This month brings a series of events that will enable a more innovative approach to planning, goals, and experiences. You may see this as expanding your horizons and enjoying the benefits of personal freedom. Trips, travel, and exploring what the world has to offer appeal.

You crave to learn, be involved, or dig deep to satisfy psychological yearnings. When you indulge your senses, you may be attracted to people or situations that encourage you to step outside your usual boundaries.

This month creates opportunities to enhance personal wealth, knowledge, and sustainable goals. You have already laid the groundwork for the potential outcomes to manifest, but a stroke of luck may help.




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