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Angel blessings


Receive a unique and beautiful angel blessing that will connect you to that which you may need to better align or understand within yourself.


Each angel blessing is uniquely made for you so as to give you an individually guided message.


Angel messages may include positive affirmations, Guidance and direction over that which may be of focus in your current circumstance, Words of encouragement/healing and self-empowerment.


Angels manifest in our life often through numbers and symbols and signs.


My angel messages enable you a chance in which to be able to prioritise your energy and focus no matter what your circumstances, life path or current concerns may be.


Delivered with love and abundance.


You can choose delivery modes: email, Text, Messenger - you will receive a hand-picked angel image from the 12 angels' drawings. - words scribed just for you.


(Images are hand-drawn by Carolyn Clairvoyant and subject to copyright which can not be reproduced, printed, used or advertised for sale or profit. I reserve all rights to the artwork and affirmations, message or guidance)


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Angel Blessing


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