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5 Question Reading - answered within 1 - 24 hours.


This 5 Question Reading is the perfect option for those seeking an individual, personalized tarot reading.


Designed to give an in-depth overview of current, past, or future directions or outcomes, this reading will cover topics such as family, home, love, finances, health and career/goals.


Get the insight you need to make informed decisions about your life and future.


This type of reading is suited to email, text, messenger or other written formats. So be sure to add your relevant information - if asking about subjects that require timing or age - please add the appropriate birthdate for the person in the order.


Ie - my youngest daughter 12 Nov 2001 - will she adapt to changes in her new school/university?

I would like to know when you see me falling pregnant ? My date of birth 12 /12/73


If including photos or names of someone passsed - you do not need to include birthdates.

5 Question Reading

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  • You can forward your questions, photos and relevant information to, INSTA or FB Carolyn_Clairvoyant . Please ensure email and contact details are correct to speed up delivery.

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