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Colour Ask was a concept I designed over 18 years ago that comprise of just 12 colours.


The 12 colours covered questions pertaining to matters such as career, personal life and finances. The early system lacked a comprehensive overview of other topics that were sort.


Each card is designed to incorporate an affirmation, influences associated with that colour and areas of career, finances, love and over all influences.


The included book gives a detailed explanation that includes a comprehensive over view of the colour chosen and the significance of that particular colour’s influence.


The book also references in detail, career, love, finances, health and wellbeing, numerical influences, and spiritual guidance message


Recent Recommendations

JENNA writes :

A very inclusive look at colors, was thinking it may be like other systems but was astonished at the detail and accuracy with the cards and book.


STACEY writes:

Well done Carolyn – love the concept and the best part is that I can pull a card for the day and see my influence directly. I love my Colour Ask !!


LYDIA writes:

Big Fan ! an absolute complete system from just 12 cards. I am happy you have extended the book to add in the combinations and layouts. –

Colour Ask Deck Set

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