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A future love reading designed to highlight relationship opportunities. This reading suits those LOOKING FOR LOVE and wishing to know when a potential love interest or partner will enter.


This reading will highlight:


The personality, possible initials, key points surrounding the person and how you will meet or if you have met previously, possible career or interest.


I also include if the relationship has potential to move towards commitment or if the conneciton is leading to important personal growth and healing. (A temporary or transitioning connection)


(***Often I don't include physical appearance but I may include something pertaining to a trait or charateristic. Ie Softly spoken, astrological sign or other identifying points. 


What to Inlcude:


Please give your full date of birth - with day, month and year written  example 15th June 1994 


Added Extras


Have your Future Love Reading  recorded to a MP3 voice recording for easy download for $5


All Future Love Readings  can take upto 72 hours on busy schedules.




  • Please email with the necessary information

    Use the coupon code - TAKE5  when in the checkout to take $5 off your order.

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