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Karmic Path Reading


Have you ever wondered why you have repetitive cycles and lessons or experiences in this lifetime? Do you often think that you may have had some karmic reasoning behind the journey your life may have taken?


This reading is designed to illuminate and openly discuss why some of the soul’s journey includes circumstances, events or even situations that carve the karmic pathway.


Karma is not necessarily a negative narrative just so that we are clear. Karma is the energy around life experiences that may need to be experienced in certain depths to better understand the dynamics of the experience in many different ways.


This could be through physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual growth - better known as the “cause and effect”


The reading will discuss key points of understanding your relationship with your journey and the choices, and experiences which may have melded your path. The reading enables an overview of patterns, habits, thoughts or even emotional reinforcements which signify points in your life course that impact or have impacted.


This is NOT a past life reading but the reading may include some information about a past life activity or Experience which may be still resonating in part of the karmic path today.


Depending on the information to be imparted. The reading is best when put in an MP3 recording for easy download. This reading will be between 15 to 30 mins long depending on the information imparted.




This reading in no part replaces commonsense, free will choices, or legal or professional advice. This reading does not imply or suggest diagnosis or replace medical direction, treatments or medications. 

Karmic Path Reading

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